Internal quality assurance

Internal quality assurance

Acting responsibly

For Help, acting responsibly means taking part in the international fight against corruption, abuse of power and exploitation. To this end, we have developed a corresponding code of conduct that is binding for all Help employees.

Our guidelines for internal and external complaint management set out the procedure for Help employees, our target groups, and anyone involved or interested in our work, to report possible grievances or violations of the rules determined by our Code of Conduct. In addition, we have set up an office that is independent of in-house structures. Complaints that cannot be raised within the Help structures for various reasons can be addressed directly to the ombudsperson.

Our policies and codes

Independent bodies regularly review Help's actions and business practices.

The Help Code of Conduct consists of the following components:

General Code of Conduct of Help

Help Anti-fraud and Anti-corruption Policy and Regulations

Policy on prevention and response to sexual exploitation

Help Complaints policy

Whistleblowing policy



Angelika Graf, MdB/SPD a.D.
c/o Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe
Reuterstr. 159
53113 Bonn
Contact: ombudsperson(at)

"You are an employee, partner, donor or beneficiary of Help and have a concern that you would like to discuss confidentially with a neutral person, please write to me! However, I will not answer anonymous letters, name-calling or insults." (Angelika Graf)