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Zerstörung nach Hochwasser in Deutschland

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Flood in Germany

Whether reconstruction or trauma management: Two years after the devastating flood disaster in western Germany, help is still urgently needed.

Help supports social institutions and charitable associations in coping with the flood disaster - including kindergartens and schools, residential facilities and leisure activities for children and young people.

Climate change is progressing relentlessly. In order to be prepared for rapid assistance after future natural disasters, we ask you to donate to our emergency fund:

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How is Help providing support in Germany?

We help with reconstruction after the flood disaster

As a globally active aid organization, our projects normally focus on the Global South. But when the need in our immediate vicinity is so great, we have to act - just as we did after the floods in Germany in 2013.

That's why we support those affected by the floods in our home region and support charitable institutions so that they can continue their important work as quickly as possible. Help supports daycare centers, schools, facilities for the disabled and other initiatives in the reconstruction process, because children and disadvantaged people suffer particularly badly from the consequences of the disaster. Affected institutions and organizations involved in flood relief can easily and directly apply for funding to help cope with the flood disaster.

Main donor: ADH (Aktion Deutschland Hilft)

What is the situation like in Germany?

Flood disaster in Germany

On July 14, 2021, persistent heavy rain caused numerous streams and rivers in western Germany to turn into torrential waters. The Rhineland and the Ahr valley were particularly badly affected. At least 180 people lost their lives in the flood disaster. Numerous people lost all their belongings and now face an uncertain future.

The masses of water have left behind an incomprehensible trail of destruction and misery: Countless houses and bridges have collapsed, roads are impassable. Many places were cut off from the outside world for days. It will take years to rebuild the affected regions.

Spenden Hochwasser Deutschland: Schwere Überschwemmungen in Altenahr
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