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Medizinische Versorgung von ukrainischen Geflüchteten in Moldawien

Ukrainian refugees live in Moldova

25 %

of the population lives in poverty

41 %

of people are unemployed

Help in Moldova

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, more and more people have been seeking refuge in the Republic of Moldova. Providing for the many refugees is an enormous challenge, as Moldova itself is severely affected by poverty.

Through local partners, we promote aid measures for Ukrainian refugees in Moldova and also support Moldovan youth through income generation.

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How is Help providing support in Moldova?

Support for refugee families

The willingness to help refugees from Ukraine in neighboring countries is almost limitless - but the resources are not. Moldova in particular can barely cope with the influx on its own. Help is therefore promoting comprehensive aid measures for the many refugees in the country.

We support ten civil society organizations that provide refugees with relief supplies such as hygiene packages, blankets and food. We are also funding medical and social services to ensure that Ukrainian refugees receive healthcare. In recent months, we have also supported educational and leisure activities for Ukrainian children, offered legal advice and facilitated the professional integration of Ukrainian refugees in Moldova through training and further education.

Help is also committed to Moldovan youth: By promoting income, we empower 200 young people to help themselves.

What is the situation like in Moldova?

Fear and solidarity

There is no other country in Europe where poverty is as high as in the Republic of Moldova. Due to a lack of job prospects, more than a quarter of the population lives and works abroad. Many children grow up without parents. Older people often have no one to look after them.

The now "frozen" conflict over the Transnistria region is also a burden on the country's development. Since 1990, the narrow strip of land in the east has been de facto independent of the central government in Chişinău and remains close to Moscow.

The situation in Moldova has deteriorated further with the start of the war in Ukraine. Over 700,000 Ukrainians have entered the small country since February 2022. Even if many of them end up traveling on, providing for the new arrivals is a feat of strength for the economically weak state. Around 100,000 Ukrainian refugees have remained in Moldova and are in urgent need of help.

New start in Moldova

Viktoria lernt an ihrem Laptop

28-year-old Viktoria from Odesa was at the end of her parental leave and already wanted to return to her job. But then everything changed: the war against Ukraine escalated and Viktoriia was forced to leave her home country. Together with her three-year-old daughter and her husband, she fled to the Republic of Moldova. There she decided to gain new professional experience.

In cooperation with RECONOMY, an inclusive business program, Help has enabled 47 Ukrainian refugees in Moldova to receive training or further education in the IT sector - including Viktoriia, who has gained new courage for the future thanks to the course.

"I hope that I will find a job that will help me to keep my head above water financially and also to develop and grow as a person and profession."

Viktoria, 28, from Odesa

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