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Emergency aid worldwide

Emergency aid is provided immediately after natural disasters, wars, epidemics or major refugee movements. It aims to ensure the survival of the people affected - quickly, effectively and sustainably.

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Whether after a natural disaster or in humanitarian emergencies: Most aid missions occur without prior notice. The extent of a disaster can hardly be estimated at the beginning. How great is the need? How strong does our team need to be? What do people need most urgently - and how can we organize the aid strategically and most effectively? Experienced emergency aid workers with knowledge of the respective country, language and culture are then needed. They know the country and its people best and are in a position to initiate initial emergency aid measures.

Help provides emergency aid worldwide. We can draw on over 40 years of experience in international humanitarian aid and have a large network of local partner organizations. Together, we can respond quickly to the needs of those affected.

Flüchtlingslager in Syrien

Emergency Aid in Gaza

On October 7, 2023, the humanitarian emergency in the Middle East escalated and is worsening by the day. In the Gaza Strip alone, around 2 million people are helplessly exposed to the fighting, including many children. Together with a partner organization, we are providing emergency aid for affected families: daily aid transports across the Egyptian border deliver food parcels that are essential for survival.

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Ein Mann sitzt inmitten von Trümmern und Schlamm nach den Überschwemmungen in Libyen

Floods in Libya

After a dam burst in September 2023, parts of Libya were severely flooded. Help supports affected families with food, hygiene articles and blankets. We ensure basic medical care for children with chronic illnesses and provide medication and measuring devices.

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Eine Frau läuft durch Trümmer nach Erdbeben in Marokko

Earthquake in Morocco

In October 2023, the earth shook in Morocco and around 3,000 people lost their lives. Help supports the organization Islamic Relief Germany in providing those affected by the earthquake with food, shelter and medicine.

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How does Help provide emergency aid?

Providing effective help together

In the event of a disaster, Help responds immediately. In close cooperation with our alliance partners from Aktion Deutschland Hilft and local partner organizations, we coordinate our aid missions to find the most effective measures.

We provide those affected with food, water, hygiene articles and tools as required - effectively and unbureaucratically: the focus is on people. Help acts quickly and efficiently in acute emergency situations.

In most cases, our emergency aid turns into long-term relief measures. In line with our principle of helping people to help themselves, we empower them to actively improve their living conditions. We accompany them until they are able to provide for themselves again.

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Humanitäre Hilfe in einem Flüchtlingslager in Syrien

Where our emergency aid has already helped

Helfer im Gespräch mit Betroffenen des Erdbebens

Syria and Türkiye

59,000 people lost their lives in the severe earthquake in February 2023. Help responded immediately, providing medical aid, distributing relief supplies and offering psychosocial support.

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Eine lächelnde Ukrainerin mit hält ein Hilfspaket in der Hand

War in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war in February 2022, Help has helped hundreds of thousands of people to cope with the consequences of the war: Help has distributed relief supplies, hot meals and financial aid as well as provided medical and psychological support.

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Eine vom Hochwasser zerstörte Brücke im Ahrtal

Floods in Germany

The devastating floods of 2021 cost 180 people their lives. Help is still active in the flood region today. To date, Help has supported over 100 charitable institutions with more than 3 million euros.

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