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Transparency and monitoring

Transparenz und Kontrolle

Your donation is in good hands

Your donation is in good hands with Help: Transparency and responsible action are among our most important working principles. In our annual report, you can find out in detail where and how we used the money entrusted to us last year to combat poverty worldwide in the long term.

Your donation makes a difference

91.5 %

go directly to aid projects

91.5 %

go directly to aid projects

3.6 %

administrative expenses

4.9 %

public relations/advertising

Help that keeps giving: Only around eight percent of the funds entrusted to us go towards administration and public relations. This means that 92 cents of every euro donated last year went directly to our aid projects.

Administrative expenditure is the basis for a professional and sustainable structure - because effective and high-quality aid projects rely on competent specialists. With our public relations work and advertising, we draw society's attention to global crises and our projects and can multiply our aid measures through donations.

Tested and recommended

The proper and transparent use of the donations entrusted to Help in accordance with our statutes and the efficiency of our work are checked and ensured by external and internal controls.

Help is certified with the DZI donation seal, has been awarded the German Donations Council's donation certificate for transparency and is a signatory to the Transparent Civil Society Initiative.

Every year Help receives the DZI donations seal of approval from the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI). Help comes under the lowest heading for the costs of administration, donations advertising and public relations work at under ten percent. The criteria for awarding the seal of approval can be summarised as follows:

  • True, clear and factual advertising
  • Verifiable and cost-effective use of funds
  • Clear, reproducible accounting
  • Verification of the annual accounts and submission to the DZI
  • Internal monitoring of the management committees by an independent supervisory body

Help is also a member of the Deutscher Spendenrat e.V. (German Donation Council), the umbrella organization for trust and transparency in donations.

On June 14, 2023, Help was awarded by Deutscher Spendenrat e.V. with the Donation Certificate for Transparency. The certificate, which is valid for 3 years, certifies that Help handles the entrusted donations responsibly and economically and reports truthfully, clearly and transparently about its structures, project activities and finances.

Help is a signatory to the Initiative Transparent Civil Society declaration of commitment.

On the initiative of Transparency Deutschland e.V. a large number of stakeholders from civil society and academia have defined ten basic points, which are intended to make every organisation within civil society accessible to the general public. Help is participating in this initiative and has signed the declaration of commitment.

Further information about the organization

Help is registered at Bonn District Court (VR4650) and recognised as being particularly eligible for subsidies by the Bonn-Inner City tax office (Tax no. 205/5783/1000) in accordance with the notice of exemption of 16.02.2024. Donations to Help e.V. are tax deductible according to § 10 b Abs. 1 EstG. Help promotes charitable and non-profit purposes.

Since 1981, Help has been carrying out its projects for people in need and is handling donations responsibly.

In Germany, regular external audits are carried out by external, independent auditors and the tax authorities. Our projects are also checked by audits and evaluations that are independently commissioned by the donors.

Internal Audit monitors and controls the proper and transparent use of donations and grants. It also checks compliance with guidelines and regulations and ensures that work processes are carried out properly and that abusive and corrupt behavior is effectively prevented. Appropriate internal control systems are developed, installed, checked for efficiency and effectiveness in their implementation and adapted where necessary.