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Crisis in Mali

Conflict, water shortages, hunger: Mali is a country in permanent crisis. Help has been active on the ground since 2013, improving access to drinking water, combating malnutrition in children and helping women affected by violence. We also support local healthcare.

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How is Help providing support in Mali?

Help against hunger, poverty and displacement

Help has been active in Mali since 2013. Today, 140 local employees are committed to improving living conditions on the ground and are currently implementing eight projects that benefit around 788,000 people.

Our focus in Mali is on expanding the supply of drinking water and sanitation and improving the health of the population. We drill solar and hand pump wells, provide access to sanitary facilities, treat malnutrition in children and support women affected by gender-based violence. In addition, Help promotes the treatment and prevention of HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria.

Help also provides new prospects for families who have been displaced from the north of the country. We support refugees in their own country in building a new life by promoting the establishment of small businesses.

What is the situation like in Mali?

From democratic pioneer to starving nation

With the dismantling of the military dictatorship in 1991, a peaceful democratization process was initiated in Mali and free elections were made possible. In 2012, the tide turned: the president was overthrown and militant groups took over large parts of Mali. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced from the north of the country and are now living as refugees in their own country. Since then, Mali has been in a crisis of poverty, hunger and displacement.

Half of Mali's population currently lives in extreme poverty. In rural regions in particular, many families do not have adequate access to water, sanitation or medical care. Due to the many displacements, many families do not have enough food to provide for themselves. Around one million people in Mali suffer from hunger.

Clean water thanks to solar power

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Perimpé is one of many villages in Mali where Help has installed a solar well. The water is pumped to the surface in an environmentally friendly way using solar energy and stored in a water tank. The residents can then simply fill up the water at the new water point.

To ensure the sustainability of our wells, Help trains water committees in the villages to look after the maintenance of the water points.

At the community meeting, we set the price for a bucket or canister of water at 5 CFA francs and the price for a water barrel at 50 CFA francs. This allows us to save money and build up reserves in case the water system needs to be repaired.

Oumou Cissé, Water Committee Perimpé

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