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income and self-employment

Brief information on income

Help gives assistance to disadvantaged people to earn their own income. Earning one's own living from one's own efforts - this is what our concept of assistance towards self-reliance is all about. We are helping people in the long term by means of income-creating measures, in countries such as Serbia, Bosnia or Pakistan.

What is the situation?

Developing countries are characterised by a very low per capita income. In Germany for example it stood at € 47,590 in 2014. As a comparison the average citizen in Afghanistan earns only € 680 per annum. One reason for this is that people in developing countries still often live from agriculture. The economic performance is lower overall than in industrial nations. The gap between the rich and the poor is often considerable.

(Source: World Bank)

What is Help doing in the field of income?

Creating prospects locally

Help's projects in the field of income always take account of local conditions and are planned together with the inhabitants. We commit ourselves to building up and supporting small businesses among other things. It is our aim to establish the companies on a permanent footing so that the owners are able to finance their living costs themselves - in the best case scenario new jobs are also created. Furthermore we offer training in which young entrepreneurs can find out about procedures to establish livelihoods.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – promoting small companies

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a high unemployment rate, which stood at 43 percent in 2015. Help improved long-term economic development in a 42-month project: So far (2016) we have supported 1,171 small businesses, of which 90 percent are operating successfully. The businesses even achieve more turnover than average.  In addition, we are modernising the agricultural sector, becoming involved in traditional trades and are driving the development of the tourist sector forward.

(Source: Trading Economics)

Pakistan: Long-term aid for flood victims

After the disastrous flood in 2010 Help created income opportunities in four sectors: Small businesses, women's businesses, agriculture and cattle breeding.  Our aid measures reached 2,416 families. The income of families was increased and stabilised.
We contributed to improving the difficult food situation in the country. Help was able to give children the opportunity to attend the state school. Women were also trained so that they could pursue an occupation and were in a position to teach their children.

Einommen schaffen in Bosnien

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