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Income creates prospects

More than 760 million people worldwide live in extreme poverty. They cannot afford healthy food, a safe home or schooling.

Help shows them ways out of poverty: in countries such as Bosnia, Zimbabwe and Kosovo, we support people in need with training and start-up aid to help them earn a living through their own efforts - true to our principle of empowering people to help themselves.

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Poverty is widespread

Developing countries are characterized by a very low per capita income. By way of comparison, the gross national income per capita in Germany was USD 51,040 in 2021, compared to USD 860 in Burkina Faso and just USD 500 in Afghanistan.

There are many reasons for this: in many developing countries, the population lives mainly from agriculture, which is often impaired by climate change and increasingly frequent natural disasters. In addition, political tensions and violent conflicts repeatedly cause displacement and those affected have to leave everything behind. Many people also lack access to education.

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Southeast Europe

Decades after the conflicts in the Western Balkans, the region is still characterized by poverty. Jobs are scarce and average wages are low. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the crisis. Young people in particular are left with nothing. Help has set itself the goal of sustainably improving the economic situation.

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Once the breadbasket of Africa, Zimbabwe is now extremely threatened by climate change. Help trains "lead farmers" in sustainable farming methods so that they can secure their income in the long term.

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Viktoria lernt an ihrem Laptop


Since the escalation of the war against Ukraine, many people have been displaced from their homes. Around 100,000 of them are seeking permanent refuge in neighboring Moldova and are building a new life there. Help 47 Ukrainian refugees are supported through training or further education.

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Our income generation projects always take local conditions into account and are planned together with the project participants. Among other things, we are committed to setting up small businesses, establishing small savings groups and supporting the self-employed. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs to secure their livelihoods in the long term - ideally by creating new jobs.

Our focus is on empowering people. We offer education, further education and training, grant microloans and provide tools. In this way, we create the conditions for successful businesses.

The entrepreneurs supported by Help could not be more diverse: whether innovative digital start-ups in Kosovo, farmers in Zimbabwe, textile workers in the Philippines or women's cooperatives in Mali - together we find ways to overcome poverty.

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