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million people need humanitarian aid


million children are acutely malnourished

41.8 %

live in extreme poverty

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Securing nutrition and promoting health: In Niger, we are combating malnutrition among children and mothers and improving access to healthcare, water and sanitation. We are particularly committed to helping people affected by crises and conflicts. We also promote conflict prevention measures.

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How is Help providing support in Niger?

Hope in the Sahel

Help has been active in Niger since 2005 and supports the expansion of healthcare and the improvement of the nutritional situation, especially for malnourished children. We remain true to our approach of helping people to help themselves: while we continue to expand our commitment, we ensure that the local authorities take over and continue our projects. In this way, the healthcare system in Niger is sustainably supported.  

Another focus of our work is on improving the water and sanitation supply. Because water is also available in the Sahel region - albeit very deep. By building wells and repairing water points, we enable people to have a reliable supply of water, which can also be used for daily hygiene and cooking. In this way, we prevent diseases that are transmitted through contaminated water and create a life of dignity for the people.

In the conflict-ridden region, we contribute to peaceful coexistence between different communities by strengthening existing structures for conflict management and always involving different ethnic groups as well as traditional and religious leaders, young people and women.

What is the situation like in Niger?

Living below the poverty line

Niger is located in a crisis region. Due to violent conflicts in the neighboring countries of Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria, more and more people are fleeing to Niger. There are also frequent attacks by armed groups within the country, particularly in Tahoua, Tillabéri and the Diffa region. More and more people are therefore fleeing their own country.

Sustainable development progress is also made more difficult by the high population growth: every year, hundreds of thousands of additional people need to be provided with work, services and food. In addition, only just under 50 percent of the population has access to clean drinking water and the healthcare system is unable to cope with the large number of people. In total, around 3.8 million people in Niger are dependent on humanitarian aid.

In addition, around 42 percent of the Nigerien population live in extreme poverty. Young people in particular find it difficult to find work and leave the country due to a lack of prospects.

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