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Refugee aid and reconstruction

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10 years of war in Syria - with no end in sight. The country has been destroyed and eleven million people are dependent on humanitarian aid. On top of that, the corona pandemic has worsened the situation. We support families in need.

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"Many children have lost their parents. They are in danger of being abused, of becoming drug addicts. But even those who were lucky and stayed with their parents are growing up in terrible conditions. They have lost part of their childhood."

Mirna Abboud, for Help in Syria
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What is the situation like in Syria?

10 years of civil war

The civil war in Syria has been raging since 2011. Ten years, that have turned the country into rubble. The situation of the civilian population is more despairing than ever: half a million people have lost their lives. Over 13 million Syrians have fled, of which half of them seek protection in neighbouring countries or in Europe. This means that Syria is still the world's largest country of origin for refugees.

Most of the infrastructure was destroyed by the fighting: roads, electricity and water lines, hospitals and schools are in ruins. The United Nations warns of a “lost generation”, because many children and young people in Syria are at risk of poverty and unemployment due to a lack of education. More than 80 percent of the people in Syria already live below the poverty line. Many families can no longer afford to eat: since the beginning of the war, food prices have risen almost thirty times.

Even though, the fighting has decreased, the end of the war is still not in sight. To make matters worse, the threat posed by the coronavirus is now growing: medical care has collapsed, the hygienic conditions in the refugee camps are catastrophic - people are defencelessly exposed to the virus.

How is Help providing support in Syria?

The future begins now

After 10 years of civil war, the people of Syria are at the end of their tether - 11 million are in need of humanitarian aid. Help has been supporting the population in need since 2012. We have always been committed to enabling people in need to live in dignity and security. This work is particularly important in times of the COVID-19 pandemic: the Syrian health system has largely collapsed, many people have no access to soap or sanitary facilities. International support is urgently needed, especially in the numerous refugee camps in the country.

In the past, Help has already supported tens of thousands of people in Syria by distributing essential relief supplies such as food, hygiene items and winter clothing. By repairing the drinking water supply, well over 100,000 people were given stable access to drinking water again. Thanks to processed agricultural land, more staple foods can be produced in Syria again. Help has also promoted education in Syria: to prevent the feared "lost generation" from becoming a reality, Help had destroyed classrooms renovated, new schools set up and emergency schooling organized for Syrian children and young people - this is how perspective is created out of emergency.

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Spenden Syrien: Helfer vor Ort

Facts and Figures

      • 11.7 million people in Syria are dependent on humanitarian aid (11/2020)
      • More than 6 million people are internally displaced within Syria (03/2020)
      • Around 7 million Syrians have fled to Europe and neighbouring countries (03/2020)
      • There have been well over 226,000 deaths and countless injured and traumatised people (03/2020)
      • 4.8 million children were born into the war (03/2020)

      Sources: OCHA, UNHCR, ACAPS, Reliefweb

      What we have achieved so far:

      • Rehabilitation of wells and construction of sewage and drinking water pipes for 132,500 people in Syria
      • Provision of food, toiletries/hygiene products, blankets and winter clothing for 92,000 Syrian men, women and children
      • Provision of 50,944 packages of baby food for Syrian families with young children
      • Rent subsidies for 907 families in Syria
      • Provision of medical care for 2,222 patients
      • Repair of 66 classrooms for over 2,560 Syrian children: including classroom equipment, water supply in schools, sanitary facilities and waste disposal

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