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Refugee aid and reconstruction

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Help is committed to the displaced Syrians after the Turkey offensive in northern Syria. 200.000 people are already on the run because of the offensive. Two of the five IDP camps we are supporting have been evacuated because of the fighting.  

We are currently supplying the people in northern Syria with hygiene packages. The Syrian refugees urgently need our help - donate now!

„We had to leave our home and now we live with relatives. I'm back in school for the first time in four months, and that's great. Help has helped us achieve this. We even get a lunch package at school."
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What is the situation like in Syria?

Lost in the chaos of war

Syria has been at war since 2011. So far, the conflict has cost half a million lives and created over 13 million refugees. Just under 6 million of them have sought protection in neighbouring countries or Europe. The disputed state territory is home to Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Assyrians and Druze, who have formed various alliances with each other. The warring parties include the so-called Islamic State and the Syrian Democratic Forces, but also the central government in Damascus.

Despite diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict, key decisions have been made on the battlefields: bolstered by its allies Russia and Iran, the Syrian central government has been able to force back the opposition groups and reconquer large parts of the country. But the situation remains catastrophic. The fighting has destroyed schools. Roads, electricity and water supply networks are damaged. Many Syrians have lost everything. What’s more, around 6 million Syrian children have only attended school sporadically or not at all since the outbreak of the war. The United Nations has warned that they could become a “lost generation”, as many children and young people face poverty and unemployment because they do not have an education.

How is Help helping in Syria?

The future begins now

Help has been supplying humanitarian aid to people in Syria since 2012. More than 92,000 people’s survival depends on the food parcels, baby food, hygiene products, cooking utensils, blankets and winter clothing that Help distributes. Thanks to Help, the rebuilding of water supply and sanitation infrastructure is providing those affected in Al-Hussainiyah, Quneitra, Al-Diabieh and Jdeidet Artouz with long-term supplies of drinking water and sewage disposal. Over 132,500 Syrians now have access to a functioning water supply network thanks to our aid.

Education is another priority of our work. So that the United Nation’s warning of a “lost generation” doesn’t become reality, Help is renovating destroyed classrooms, building new schools and organising emergency lessons for Syrian children and young people – so that out of adversity comes opportunity.

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Facts and Figures

      •  Over 13 million people in Syria depend on humanitarian aid (10/2018)
      • Around 6 million people are internally displaced within Syria (10/2018)
      • More than 6 million Syrians have fled to Europe or neighbouring countries (10/2018)
      • There have been well over 500,000 deaths and countless injured and traumatised people (10/2018)
      • 26,095 Syrians applied for asylum in Germany in 2018 (as of August)

      Quelle: UN OCHA

      • Repairing wells and laying pipes for sewage and drinking water for 132,500 Syrians
      • Supplying food, hygiene products, blankets and winter clothing to 92,000 Syrian men, women and children
      • Distributed 50,944 baby food parcels to Syrian families with small children
      • Provided rent subsidies to 907 families in Syria
      • Treated 2,222 patients
      • Renovated 66 classrooms for over 2,560 Syrian children, including:
        • classroom equipment
        • water supplies for the schools
        • sanitary facilities and waste disposal

      Help for Syrian children

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      Together for refugees

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