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Livelihood security in South Sudan

South Sudan

Combating hunger together

Southsudan – Every Donation Counts

In South Sudan, Help is active in three projects involving food security, water, health, education and refugee aid. We support at least 100,000 people in need.

Six million people alone are threatened with hunger. In addition, cholera is spreading in many parts of Southern Sudan. The people are in urgent need of help - Donate now for Southern Sudan!

„Lately it's been getting harder and harder to feed my family. Especially my daughter Aluel has lost a lot of weight.  Since Help set up the malnutrition treatment centre, many mothers and their children have been going there.

In the past, it happened very often that babies did not survive the hunger period, but since Help's staff came to our village and sent us to the treatment centre in time, no child in my village has died of hunger.“  Donate now

What is the situation like in South Sudan?

Hungersnot in Ostafrika - Hilferuf Südsudan

Hunger and War Demand People's Livelihoods

On the 9th of July 2011, Southern Sudan declared its independence from the North. After decades of civil war there was hope for peace and economic development. Unfortunately, all hope was already destroyed in December of 2013. The battle for power between the supporters of President Salva Kiir and his deputy Riek Machar escalated.

The conflict developed into a civil war between the ethnic groups of Dinka and Nuer. Ongoing violence, thousands of refugees and the ethnic division of the country are the consequences. The food supply in particular has been alarming ever since - there is a constant threat of famine.

Our challenge: 90% of the population lives from agriculture. The civil war prevents the cultivation of food, as the people affected are forced to flee. Harvests fail and periods of drought lead to food shortages. Slowly, people's livelihoods are falling apart. In addition, food prices are rising tremendously.

How we help in South Sudan?

South Sudan water wells
Due to the building and repairing of wells we ease the access to baldy needed drinking water.

Sustainable Help Against Hunger

The aim of Help is to support the South Sudanese population in the long term and to sustainably develop the country. We stand up for refugees, displaced persons and local citizens in the Lakes State and Equatoria regions.

In our projects we implement the following aid measures:

  • Distribution of Food
  • Access to clean drinking water, including well construction
  • Providing sanitary facilities
  • Improvement of hygiene and health, e. g. by means of hygiene training courses
  • Treatment of malnourished children and pregnant women


Donors and partners: AA (Auswärtiges Amt), BMZ (Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung), HDL (Hilfswerk der deutschen Lions e. V.), UNICEF

Pictures and videos

Numbers and Facts

Fahne Südsudan
  • 13% have access to sanitary facilities (latrines)
  • 41% have access to drinking water
  • 3 million people have been displaced (1.8 million of whom are internally displaced persons)
  • 6 million people do not have enough food
  • 35% of children attend primary school
  • enormous inflation
  • 51% suffer from food shortages in the capital Juba

Quellen: BMZ, AA, OCHA

  • Help for approx. 100,000 victims
  • 12 centres for the treatment of malnutrition
  • Construction of 1,000 latrines
  • Construction and repair of 53 wells
  • Training of 25 mechanics
  • Hygiene training courses for 60,000 people

Status: 12/2017 

Hungerndes Kind im Südsudan


Donate now and help South Sudan

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