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Livelihood security in South Sudan

South Sudan

Together against hunger

Brief information on South Sudan

Help has been actively involved in South Sudan since 2011 and is supporting at least 100,000 people. We are involved in three projects in the areas of food security, water, health, education and aid for refugees.

Currently there is a famine in southern Sudan and cholera has claimed the first victims.

"My family and I fled to Mingkaman before the war in Bor. We had to leave our belongings, our cows, simply everything behind. Many of our relatives are still in Bor and have probably been killed - we don't really know. Here we live in a hut made of plastic sheeting. In Bor we lived near the town and could look after ourselves thanks to our cows." Anyer Bulen Dit, 45 years old
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What is the situation like in South Sudan?

South Sudan nutrition agriculture
The ground is dry and complicates the planting of food crops a lot.

Drought and war claim the livelihoods of the population

On 9 July 2011 South Sudan declared its independence from the North. After decades of civil war hope for peace and economic development was awakened. Unfortunately any hope was already extinguished in December 2013. The power struggle between the followers of the President Salva Kiir and his deputy Riek Machar escalated.

The conflict developed into a civil war between the Dinka and Nuer tribes. Continuing violence, thousands of refugees and an ethnic division of the country were the consequences. In particular supplies of food are alarmingly low - there is the threat of a famine.

Our challenge: 90 % of the population live from agriculture. The civil war prevents food being grown because the people affected are forced to flee. Harvests fail and periods of drought exacerbate the shortage of food. People's livelihoods are continually being eroded. Prices for food have also risen enormously.

How is Help helping in South Sudan?

South Sudan water wells
Due to the building and repairing of wells we ease the access to baldy needed drinking water.

We are providing long-term assistance by securing food supplies, water and hygiene

The objective of Help is to support the population of South Sudan in the long term and develope the country sustainably. We are involved with refugees, displaced persons and local inhabitants in the regions of Western Bhar el Ghazal, Warrap State and in Lakes State.

In our projects we are providing the following assistance:

  • Securing a basic diet
  • Access to clean drinking water, including the construction of wells
  • Providing sanitary facilities
  • Improving hygiene and health, including with the assistance of hygiene training courses
  • Caring for malnourished children and pregnant women

Donors and partners: AA (Department for Foreign Affairs), BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)




Behandlung von Unterernaehrung in Yirol


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