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Refugee relief in Serbia


Combating the causes of flight

Brief information on Serbia

Help has been working in Serbia since 1999. Initially Help provided humanitarian aid for refugees and displaced persons in the Balkan war. Now we are also involved in building homes and social infrastructure as well as combating the causes of flight by generating income.

"My three siblings, my parents and I have been travelling for two weeks, mostly on foot or on the bus. Our boat almost capsized on the crossing from Turkey to Greece, I was really frightened. My greatest wish is that we are all finally safe." Sahib from Syria, 8 years old
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What is the situation like in Serbia?

Refugee camp in Serbia
Tens of thousands of refugees are stranded in the Balkan countries, the conditions in the camps are often bad.©Djordjevic

A country facing challenges

The Republic of Serbia, formerly part of Yugoslavia, has existed in its current form only since 2006. The 1990s were characterised by the war in Bosnia and Kosovo. Stability returned only slowly afterwards and the after-effects are still noticeable today in politics, the economy and society.

The composition of the population varies in the different parts of Serbia. Over 80 percent of the population are Serbs, but there are a large number of minorities such as Roma, which are spread differently around the regions of the country. Many of the people living in Serbia today came during the Balkan war as (internal) refugees into the war zones.  The Roma population continues to suffer discrimination and marginalisation in many municipalities.

The Serbian economy is still suffering from the effects of the earlier socialist economic system, the conflicts and the sanctions.  High unemployment and poverty are the result - particularly in structurally weak parts of the country.  The flood of the century in 2014 led to additional economic losses in many municipalities of Serbia. A large number of people lost their livelihoods in one fell swoop.

How is Help helping in Serbia?

Business start-ups in Serbia
Help in the long term due to the support of small businesses.

You can find more detailed information on the local Help website of Serbia

Creating prospects on site, combating the causes of flight

Since 1999 Help has supported thousands of people in Serbia. Our projects always have the objective of combating poverty in the long term and therefore the causes of flight. All the people we support are socially and economically disadvantaged.

Help is particularly involved in Serbia in the field of assisting small businesses, in other words

  • support for securing livelihoods,
  • promoting income creating measures as well as
  • business training for small businesses.

After the serious floods in 2014 we provided emergency help for those affected and supported them in rebuilding their homes and small businesses. When the refugee crisis started in the summer of 2015 Help began supporting thousands of refugees in transit in the border regions.

Donors and Partners: AA (Department for Foreign Affairs), ADH (Aktion Deutschland Hilft), Arcanum Stiftung, BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development), Caritas Luxembourg, Delegation of the German Economy in Serbia, German Embassy Belgrade, Deutsch-Serbische Wirtschaftsvereinigung (DSW), European Union, EuropeAid, Hilfswerk der deutschen Lions e.V., SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), ZF hilft



Pictures and videos

Flüchtlingscamp in Belgrad Serbien


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