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Ensuring food supplies and promoting health: Help is committed to supporting around 80,000 people in Niger. We treat young children with malnutrition, strengthen the health care system and ensure the supply of clean drinking water by building wells. The people of Niger need your help – donate now!

"For the future of my three sons I hope that they are healthy and no longer have to live in poverty", says Abedi, 31 years old.
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What is the situation like in Niger?

Europe’s new border 

Niger is located in a crisis region. Due to violent conflicts in neighbouring Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria, more and more people are fleeing to Niger. Sustainable progress in development is made more difficult by rapid population growth: each year, around 400,000 additional people must be provided with work, services and food. What’s more, only just under 60 per cent of the population have access to clean drinking water, and the health care system is overstretched due to the large numbers of people.

Niger is also an important transit country on the route to Europe for many migrants and refugees from African states. The European Union has therefore intensified its collaboration with the Nigerien authorities and strengthened border controls. The result: many people are dying in the desert as they search for alternative routes or falling into the hands of human traffickers, or they end up stranded in the Nigerien border city Agadez.

How is Help providing support in Niger?

Hope in the Sahel

Help focuses on health care and improving the food situation, especially for malnourished children. Providing psychosocial care for mothers is also part of our work. We stay true to our motto “assistance towards self-reliance”: as we expand our work, we make sure that the local authorities take over our projects and continue them. This means that the Nigerian health care system is sustainably developed. 

Another priority for our work is building wells. Water is present in the Sahel – it is just very deep underground. By building wells and repairing standpipes, we provide people with reliable water supplies that they can also use for daily hygiene and cooking. In this way, we prevent diseases that are transmitted by contaminated water and allow people to live in dignity. 

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Facts and figures

      • 45 per cent of the population live in extreme poverty (2016)
      • 84.5 children out of every 1,000 die before their 5th birthday (2017)
      • 550 mothers out of every 100,000 die during pregnancy or childbirth (2015)
      • 60 per cent of people have a drinking water connection (2016)
      • Number of births per woman: 7.35 (2018)
      • Percentage of one-year-old children vaccinated against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus: 81 per cent (2017)
      • 39.7 per cent of births are supervised by trained health workers (2015)

      Sources: BMZ, LIPortal

      • Assisting over 1,000municipalities in identifying malnourished children
      • Supporting 45 health centres in treating malnutrition and with staff training
      • Treating around 12,000 acutely malnourished children with therapeutic food and medicine each year
      • Repairing and building 10 wells
      • Building a deep well for 50,000 people to use

      Medical treatment of children in Niger

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      Medical care for 4 malnourished children costs € 25.

      IBAN: DE47 3708 0040 0240 0030 00

      BIC: DRES DE FF 370


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