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Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more and more people are seeking refuge in Moldova. In relation to its population, the small and very poor country has taken in more people than any other in Europe. Providing for the many refugees is an enormous challenge.

Help supports Ukrainian refugees in Moldova. Through local partners, we promote medical care for the families and distribute important relief supplies. 


What is the situation like in Moldova?

Republic of Moldova: Fear and solidarity

In no other country in Europe is poverty as great as in the Republic of Moldova. Due to a lack of job prospects, more than a quarter of the population lives and works abroad. Many children grow up without parents. Older people often have no one to look after them. 

Another burden on the development of the former Soviet republic is the now "frozen" conflict over the region of Transnistria. Since 1990, the narrow strip of land in the east has been de facto independent of the central government in Chişinău and remains close to Moscow.

With the start of the Ukraine war, the situation in Moldova has worsened. Over 500,000 refugees have already entered the small country. Even if many continue their journey, providing for the new arrivals is a feat for the economically weak state. Added to this is the fear that the ever-approaching war might not stop at the Moldovan border.

How is Help providing support in Moldova?

Support for refugee families

The willingness to help with which the refugees from Ukraine are being received in the neighbouring countries is almost boundless - but the resources are not. Moldova in particular can hardly cope with the influx on its own. Help is therefore providing emergency aid for the many refugees in the country.

Through local partners, we are currently distributing hygiene kits, blankets, food vouchers and other essential relief supplies. As there is a great shortage of specialists in the Republic of Moldova, we organise online consultations with qualified doctors and make outpatient treatment possible, especially for chronically ill refugees. We also equip mobile medical teams with equipment and medicines, distribute information materials and have set up a laundry service to prevent skin diseases such as scabies. 

Long-term measures such as legal counselling for those affected or vocational training and further education are also being planned.

Forced to flee

Lidija and her daughter come from Mykolayiv near the heavily contested port city of Odessa. Out of concern for Lidija's health, the two finally decided to flee:

"I got cancer and almost all the doctors in Mykolayiv fled. There were only four nurses left in my hospital, and they could only give me painkillers. That's why I fled to Moldova with my daughter and our two dogs. I only want to stay here for a few days and then travel on to Vienna."

Together with local partners, Help provides medical and social aid for Ukrainian refugees in Moldova.

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  • Over 531,000 refugees from Ukraine have been registered in the country since the war began (2022)
  • 2.6 million people live in the Republic of Moldova (2020)
  • Around 40 per cent of the working-age population work abroad (2011)
  • 79.40 per cent of people under 25 have no job prospects in the country (2013)

Sources: UNHCR, The World Bank, WHO, OECD

  • 2,500 people from Ukraine receive hygiene articles and food vouchers.
  • 300 refugee children in asylum centres or community shelters receive educational opportunities.
  • Help organises medical care for refugees directly at border crossings, in refugee shelters and with families hosting refugees through local partners.
  • Help equips mobile medical teams in the Republic of Moldova with equipment, materials and medicines.
  • Our partners distribute bedding and provide a laundry service.
  • We help refugees from Ukraine to continue their journey and provide information on other aid services.

Status: 04/2022

A little girl from Ukraine

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