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Long-term Ebola care

Brief information on Mali

Help has been active in Mali in the regions of Kangaba, Kourémalé, Koflatié and Tombola since 2014. Our work is concentrated on the long-term prevention of Ebola by improving the health care system and widespread awareness campaigns.

What is the situation like in Mali?

Mali - health - Ebola
The medical conditions need to be improved, so Ebola does not spread again.

Ebola - the dangerous threat

Guinea, Sierra Leona and Liberia are the countries most affected by Ebola. There were 18,000 cases of infection recorded up to December 2014. More than 11,000 people died as a result of the epidemic. Yet Ebola is still not fully under control.

Mali borders Guinea and there still remains a major threat that the disease will also now cross over to Mali. The main reason why Ebola was able to spread so rapidly through the region was above all because of the dilapidated and poorly organised health care systems.

Immediately after the outbreak of the disease, Help introduced a wide range of preventive measures so that Ebola would not also spread within Mali. However the many poorly equipped hospitals and health centres remain a risk in the prevention of an outbreak because they satisfy neither hygiene standards nor have sufficient medicines.

How is Help helping in Mali?

Health protection in Mali
Health protection: Together against Ebola

Prevention rather than forbearance

Help is primarily involved in preventive measures against Ebola in Mali. The population of Mali was made aware of the disease and how to deal with Ebola as part of a training and further education campaign.   The campaign deliberately targeted multipliers and authorities to reach as many people as possible.

In Mali Help implemented the following aid measures (2015 - to date):

  • Equipping health centres with medical equipment
  • Training staff in how to deal with Ebola
  • Collaboration with television and radio to raise awareness among the population
  • Health stations connected to the electricity network
  • Providing ambulances
  • Public events on Ebola awareness in 80 villages

Donors and partners: AA (Department for Foreign Affairs)




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Mali: Health protection for children


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