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Mali is a country shaken by crises and suffering from shortages of food and drinking water. Help fights malnutrition among Malian children and improves access to water. By drilling wells and building sanitary facilities, we are improving hygiene in schools and health centres. With your support, we can help people in Mali – donate now!

What is the situation like in Mali?

From a democratic trailblazer to a starving nation

After the overthrow of the military dictatorship in 1991, a peaceful democratisation process was launched in Mali, and free elections were held. But the tide turned in 2012: the president was deposed, and militant groups took over large parts of the country.

Today half of the population live in extreme poverty. A quarter of the people in Mali do not have access to clean drinking water. In the Gao Region, where Help is active, almost half of all households do not have enough food to feed themselves. 15 per cent of the population are suffering from acute malnutrition and are classified as being in urgent need of aid by the United Nations.  

Health care is also extremely alarming in our project region Ansongo, as there are just 0.33 doctors for every 10,000 residents. As a result, almost three-quarters of women are forced to give birth without professional assistance.

How is Help providing support in Mali?

Help protects children against hunger

Help has been active in Mali since 2013 and has achieved a great deal in this time: during the Ebola outbreak, we equipped hospitals and trained staff in how to fight the epidemic. We collaborated with television and radio broadcasters to raise public awareness of the risks of Ebola and about the preventive measures that can be taken. 

Today Help supports people in Mali by drilling wells to supply them with drinking water. We have trained a number of water committees and mechanics to ensure that the wells continue to operate in the long run. In addition, Help has built sanitary facilities in several schools and health centres.

Help provides medical aid to just under 5,000 malnourished children and pregnant women in Ansongo. Together with the Malian Health Ministry, we have established 130 mobile treatment centres to care for malnourished children. 

Donors and partners: AA (Department for Foreign Affairs)

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Facts and figures

    •  Population: 18,542,000
    • Capital: Bamako
    • 95 per cent Muslim, 2-5 per cent Christian
    • 5.2 million people depend on humanitarian aid
    • Poverty rate: 50.4 per cent (less than $1.25 per day)
    • Child mortality: 100 out of every1000 live births (2016 estimate)
    • Percentage of literate adults: 33.4 per cent

    Sources: LIPortal, BMZ

    • Currently supporting around 40,000 people in Mali
    • Providing medical treatment to around 5,000 children and pregnant women
    • Established 130 treatment centres
    • Built and repaired 57 wells
    • Provided training for 69 water committees
    • Trained 16 mechanics
    • Built 60 latrines in schools and health centres
    • Trained 30 hygiene staff in health centres
    • Supplied materials to build 40 latrines in 4 communities

    Mali: Health protection for children

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