Zerstörung von Altenahr aus der Luft


Rapid aid after the flood disaster

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Help is currently active in the west of Germany following the flood disaster. We support social institutions and non-profit associations in coping with the flood disaster.

In the past, Help has been involved in the integration and support of refugees in Germany and assisted in the reconstruction after the floods in 2013.

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What is the situation like in Germany?

Flood disaster in Germany

On 14 July 2021, persistent heavy rain caused numerous streams and rivers in western Germany to turn into raging waters. The Rhineland and the Ahr valley were particularly hard hit. At least 183 people lost their lives in the flood disaster. Numerous people lost all their belongings and now face an uncertain future.

The floods have left an incomprehensible trail of destruction and hardship in their wake: Countless houses and bridges have collapsed, roads are impassable. Many places were cut off from the outside world for days. The reconstruction of the affected regions will take years.


How is Help providing support in Germany?

Rapid aid for reconstruction after flood disaster

As a globally active aid organisation, our projects usually focus on the Global South. But when the need is so great in our immediate vicinity, we have to act - just as we already helped after the floods in Germany in 2013.

That is why we support those affected by the floods in our home region and promote charitable institutions so that they can continue their important work as quickly as possible. Help supports day-care centres, schools, institutions for the disabled and other initiatives in the reconstruction process, because children and disadvantaged people suffer particularly badly from the consequences of the disaster.

One year after the flood disaster, Help is already supporting more than 50 charitable institutions with a total of around 1.4 million euros. 

Donors and partners: Aktion Deutschland Hilft

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Facts and Figures

  • At least 180 people lost their lives in the floods.
  • The government estimates the damage caused by the flood disaster at at least 30 billion euros.
  • At least 141 people died and 766 people were injured in and around Ahrweiler.
  • In the Ahr valley alone, 16 schools were destroyed. For the children, however, normality and thus also a normal school day is important in order to be able to come to terms with what they have experienced.

  • Immediately after the disaster, Help supported the emergency relief measures of small local initiatives in the region.
  • Since the end of the emergency relief, we have been supporting the reconstruction of social institutions with up to 30,000 euros, for example:
    • Schools
    • day care centres
    • facilities for the disabled.
  • In the days following the flood disaster, numerous Help employees showed their commitment to the clean-up work on site.

Spenden Hochwasser Deutschland: Schwere Überschwemmungen in Altenahr

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