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Rapid aid after the flood disaster

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Help is currently providing aid in western Germany following the flood disaster. We are coordinating fast and unbureaucratic help for those affected by the storm, especially in the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg region, in the Ahr valley and in the Rhein-Erft district. 

We also want to support institutions such as schools in their reconstruction efforts so that children in particular can soon return to a normal everyday life. 

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What is the situation like in Germany?

Flood disaster in Germany

These are images that we are not familiar with from Germany: On 14 July 2021, persistent heavy rain caused numerous streams and rivers in western Germany to turn into raging waters. The Rhineland and the Ahr valley were particularly hard hit. At least 188 people lost their lives in the flood disaster, and people are still missing.

The masses of water have left an incomprehensible trail of destruction: Countless houses and bridges have collapsed, roads are impassable, and there is still no electricity or running water in many places. Many places were cut off from the outside world for days. The federal government estimates the damage at 2 billion euros. Reconstruction of the affected regions will take years.

How is Help providing support in Germany?

Rapid aid for reconstruction after flood disaster

As an international aid organisation, our focus is usually on other countries. But when the need is so great in our own neighbourhood, we have to act – just as we helped after the flood disaster in Germany in 2013.

That is why we support those affected by the flood in our home region and focus in particular on the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg region, the Ahr valley and the Rhein-Erft district. Help plans to support day-care centres, schools, institutions for the disabled or other initiatives in the reconstruction process. We are already in touch with the Rhein-Gymnasium Sinzig, the Lebenshilfehaus in Sinzig and the primary school in Altenahr.

Although our help is mainly focused on reconstruction, Help staff members are also currently deployed for emergency relief missions. We are helping to clear the mud and debris – because this disaster can only be overcome by working together.

Donors and partners: Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Facts and Figures

  • At least 188 people lost their lives in the floods.
  • In the Lebenshilfehaus Sinzig alone, a home for people with disabilities, twelve residents could not be saved.
  • The federal government estimates the damage caused by the flood disaster at at least 2 billion euros.
  • At least 141 people died and 766 people were injured in and around Ahrweiler.

  • Help is currently supporting the emergency relief measures of small local initiatives in the region.
  • In the long term, we are planning the reconstruction of social institutions, for example:
    • Schools
    • day care centres
    • facilities for the disabled.
  • In addition, Help employees are involved in the clean-up work after the flood disaster.

Pictures and videos

Spenden Hochwasser in Deutschland: Aufräumarbeiten in Weilerswist

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