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Refugee relief in Germany


Education as an opportunity

Brief information on Germany

Help is active in Germany only for extraordinary cases. Such as after the arrival of the large numbers of refugees in Germany in 2015.  Here Help promotes integration measures such as German classes and preparation for training/employment. In 2013 and 2002, when extreme flooding caused major damage along the river Elbe and in other parts of the country, Help supported social facilities in the reconstruction work.

"After my computer degree I would have had to do military service in Syria and so I fled over a year ago. Since then I have travelled a long way. In the meantime I have already been able to successfully complete my first German courses" Mohammed, 27 years old from Syria.
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What is the situation like in Germany?

Refugees Welcome  – But what happens after arriving?

In 2015 approximately one million refugees came to Germany. About 477,000 of these people have claimed asylum. The main countries of origin are: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. The commitment towards refugees in Germany is overwhelming. The large number of new arrivals is a challenge for municipalities, full-time and voluntary helpers as well as initiatives in integration. In addition to appropriate accommodation, advice, education and support for acceptance in German society are very important. Learning German is above all a decisive factor for achieving all the further steps on the educational and occupational pathway of the migrants.

How is Help helping in Germany?

Through education towards a new life

In collaboration with several associations Help is creating prospects for integration through education. Following the idea of "Assistance towards self-reliance", we are supporting migrants in being able to cope with their everyday lives on their own as quickly as possible and also to achieve independence through a job in the long term.  Our assistance at a glance:

  • Improving German language skills
  • Expanding a library/media centre with access to EDP teaching programs and online recruitment portals
  • Assistance in compiling job applications
  • Remedial help for school pupils
  • Workshops for voluntary staff
  • Leisure opportunities

Donors and partners: Abenteuer Lernen e.V., ADH (Aktion Deutschland Hilft),  AsA e.V., Bad Bevensen inklusiv e.V., Bildungswerk interKultur, BIM e.V., Flüchtlingshilfe Bornheim, Helferkreis Flüchtlinge Dinkelsbühl, Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten, Migrafrica, VJAAD e.V.Mimikri e.V., Zurück in die Zukunft e.V.



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