Refugee in the Republic of Chad
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Aid for refugees and the local population

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Providing clean water and building a future: we currently support 190,000 people in Chad. We are active in the areas of water, livelihood security and refugee aid. With your help we can support refugees and the local population – donate now!

Ahmat Moussa fled with his family to Chad. "Three months ago we saw that the neighbouring island was on fire. At first we thought that it was a normal bush fire, but when lots of boats left the island, we realised that it had to be Boko Haram. I tried to reach my nephew, who lived on the neighbouring island, but the phone was not answered. I later found out that he had been murdered. We then also packed everything up and fled on boats towards the mainland. Apart from Help, so far no one has provided any assistance. So far only Help has given us food, sleeping mats, blankets and clean water by building a well. We are eternally grateful for that." 
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What is the situation like in Chad?

Fleeing war and terror

Since 2014 more than 2.4 million people have fled the violence of the terrorist group Boko Haram and sought refuge in the Sahel. Over 250.000 people have fled to the west of the country alone, to the region around Lake Chad. Many Chadians have also been forced to leave their home villages because of security measures and fear of attacks. In addition, Sudanese refugees in eastern Chad have been dependent on assistance from aid organisations like Help since 2003. They have fled the conflict in Darfur and are still unable to return to their home regions. The large numbers of people are creating new conflicts in the resource-deprived country: in addition to immense poverty, high unemployment and few opportunities to build a better life, shortages of resources such as clean water, firewood, arable land and food are becoming more and more severe.

How is Help providing support in Chad?

Water, food and incomes for refugees and the local population

Help supports refugees and the local population in the west and east of Chad. Help ensures supplies of water by building wells with solar pumps (climate protection) and provides hospitals and health centres with equipment. By building dams across rivers, we create new agricultural land and provide sustainable supplies of food and opportunities to earn an income. We also support fishing, cattle breeding and vocational training for young people. For the local population and refugees, these are further opportunities to earn a livelihood. We involve the local population in our activities to avoid new conflicts with refugees.

Our direct aid in the Lake Chad project region includes:  

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Sleeping mats
  • Toiletries and cooking utensils

In this region, Help is one of the few humanitarian organisations supporting those in need outside the refugee camps.

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Facts and Figures

  • Over 4.4 million people in Chad depend on humanitarian aid 
  • 4 million people do not have a secure food supply
  • 1.7 million people are suffering from malnutrition
  • Over 612.000 children’s lives are at risk due to malnutrition
  • Over 400.000 refugees from other countries live in Chad

Source: UNOCHA /  Correct as of: 12/2017

Eastern Chad:

  • Provided supplies to around 100,000 refugees 
  • Built 30 wells with solar pumps
  • Constructed 24 river dams to irrigate agricultural land 

Western Chad:

  • Provided 90,000 people with food, solar-powered wells and agricultural relief supplies
  • Provided vocational training to 40 young people  
  • Distributed livestock to 250 households
  • Supported cooperatives of fishermen and small crop growers

A well for refugees in Chad

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Help for refugees

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