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Vision and Mission

Help that keeps giving.

Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe is an internationally active aid organisation with more than 40 years of experience in humanitarian aid and development assistance. Our goal is a world in which all people can live a self-determined life in dignity and security.

We provide help that keeps giving – and thus makes a difference.

92 aid projects worldwide

91,5 % of donations go to projects

6 million people reached per year

Since Help was founded on 15 July 1981, we have consistently worked according to the principle of helping people to help themselves. We provide effective emergency aid in the event of disasters and are committed to the sustainable fight against poverty, hunger and disease worldwide. 


Our vision is a world where need, poverty and social injustice have been overcome and everyone can live freely in dignity, peace and safety, and in harmony with the environment.

Our mission: Helping people to help themselves

Helping people to help themselves is our guiding principle. We support people struggling with or threatened by crises. Help strengthens survivability, improves living conditions and increases the resilience of people in difficulty worldwide.

Our help is needs-based and environmentally friendly and recognises  that people are equal in all their diversity and whatever their circumstances. In this way we contribute to sustainable change in line with our vision.

Help that keeps going.

Your contribution to sustainable aid

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