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Corona pandemic: protecting those in need

The COVID-19 pandemic is a major challenge for all of us. We are unsettled, worried about our families and friends. But while we can protect ourselves by washing our hands or keeping our distance, a humanitarian disaster is unfolding in many crisis areas. Our solidarity and support is more important now than ever.

At Help, we ensure that our aid projects continue to be implemented despite the Corona pandemic. Since the beginning of the crisis, we have been supporting the people in our project countries in their fight against the coronavirus. In doing so, we rely on a holistic strategy that also takes into account the indirect effects of the pandemic. In many countries, people fear hunger and poverty more than the virus.

In order to contain the spread of the virus, we urgently need your support. In crisis areas, many people live in very confined spaces – without running water or health care. Therefore, our projects in the WASH-sector (water, sanitation and hygiene) are even more important than usual these days. Donate now to help!

Coronavirus in Africa

Preventing a humanitarian disaster

The corona pandemic threatens to hit Africa particularly hard. Many people on the continent cannot see a doctor, have no water to wash their hands and no home to retreat to. Added to this are the crises from before COVID-19: bloody conflicts, unemployment and the increasingly devastating consequences of climate change. Millions of people are already suffering from hunger, many children are acutely malnourished or have diseases such as malaria or diarrhoea. An infection with the coronavirus would be life-threatening for them.

The impact of the pandemic is already being felt strongly: supply chains have been disrupted, day labourers have lost their jobs, food prices have skyrocketed. Many families can barely afford to eat. Africa is facing a new wave of poverty. COVID-19 threatens to go down in history on the continent not as a medical crisis, but as the trigger for the worst famine ever.

Help supports people in countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso or South Sudan in protecting themselves against the coronavirus. We provide hygiene trainings, install sanitary facilities, and improve the access to water by building wells. But more support is urgently needed in the fight against the long-term consequences of the crisis. Help us to prevent the impending catastrophe! 

If the virus continues to spread, the consequences could be devastating. Join us in the fight against COVID-19:

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Corona in the Middle East and Afghanistan

Defenceless Against the Virus

For years, violence and terror have dominated the lives of people in the Middle East. Fear has become a familiar feeling for many. But with the coronavirus, a new, elusive fear is now spreading among people. The new threat is invisible, silent and no less dangerous than bombs and grenades.

In the crisis-ridden countries of the Middle East, countless people live in poverty. They cannot afford to stay at home during the Corona pandemic. After years of war and terror, many families live in ruins, often without access to clean water. Food is scarce and hygiene products hardly affordable.

The situation is particularly serious in the civil war countries of Syria and Yemen: Millions live in overcrowded refugee camps, hospitals lie in ruins. Without international support, the coronavirus threatens to claim countless lives. Help supports medical facilities, improves the access to water and distributes hygiene articles. In Iraq and Afghanistan, we are also promoting the production of masks. Together we can help:

Corona in South-East Europe

Emergency aid for marginalized people

Fear of the coronavirus is growing in South-East Europe, but also of the indirect consequences of the pandemic. The already weak economies of many countries are threatening to collapse under the current crisis. Many people fear for their existence.

Families on the margins of society, such as Roma and migrants, are particularly affected. The risk of infection is very high among them, as they often live in temporary settlements under poor hygiene conditions.

Help supports disadvantaged families with food and hygiene packages. Since there is also a lack of medical equipment in many countries in South East Europe, Help distributes protective clothing and disinfectants to hospitals and other important institutions. Together with women's cooperatives, which were already equipped with sewing machines by Help before the COVID-19 crisis, our teams in Kosovo and Bosnia even produce their own makeshift masks.

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