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Together Against Coronavirus

COVID-19: The Aid Must Not Stop

The coronavirus is keeping the world in suspense. In the meantime, a state of emergency has also been declared in Germany. While we are trying to protect ourselves from the virus by washing our hands and social distancing, disasters are looming in conflict areas.

If we don‘t help, the corona outbreak will have serious impacts on conflict areas and developing countries.

At Help we make sure that our aid projects continue to be implemented despite the pandemic. We have already taken preventive measures to ensure this: employees at the headquarter in Bonn mainly work from home, business trips have been cancelled and we have developed plans for dealing with COVID-19 in our project countries.

In order to contain the spread of the virus, we urgently need your support. In crisis areas, many people live in very confined spaces – without running water or health care. Therefore, our projects in the WASH-sector (water, sanitation and hygiene) are even more important than usual these days. Donate now to help!

Coronavirus in Africa

A continent on the brink of disaster

The corona pandemic is about to hit Africa particularly hard. Millions of people on the continent have no access to health services, no water to wash their hands and no home to retreat to.

In addition, hunger remains a major threat in many African countries. In the Sahel region alone, there are already 5 million hungry people. The loss of jobs and supply chains would have dramatic consequences.

Corona Prevention in South Sudan

South Sudan is one of the poorest countries in the world. Health care is below average and the risk of the virus spreading is immense. There are only 120 registered doctors for 10-12 million people.

Help improves access to water and sanitation and teaches 50,000 people about proper hygiene and disease prevention.

DR Congo: First Ebola, Now Corona

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been battling the Ebola virus since 2018, now the corona outbreak poses yet another threat.

The situation is particularly serious in the east of the Congo. In this region of extreme poverty, very few people have access to clean water or sanitation – diseases can spread almost unnoticed. Help therefore promotes preventive measures to contain viruses.


Recently, the first cases of COVID-19 were registered in Congo. If the virus continues to spread, the consequences could be devastating. People urgently need further support in the fight against these dangerous diseases.

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Corona in the Middle East and Afghanistan

Defenceless Against the Virus

For many people in the Middle East life was a daily struggle even before COVID-19. The further spread of the virus in the region would have disastrous consequences, especially for the civil war countries Syria and Yemen. Here, millions live in overcrowded refugee camps, hospitals lie in ruins and the health care system is non-existent. International aid is urgently needed to prevent us from witnessing yet another humanitarian disaster.

Coronavirus: A Major Threat for Syrian Refugees

In Syria, 200,000 people have been displaced while fleeing from terror and violence. The refugee camps in the north of the country are overcrowded. Meanwhile, the first case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Syria. However, it is unclear how many people are actually infected, as the Syrian health system is hardly able to test suspected cases.


If the coronavirus were to spread in Syria, the impact would be disastrous. The health system is unable to cope with a pandemic such as the corona outbreak. In order to stop the spread of diseases such as COVID-19, Help distributes hygiene packages (consisting of soap, towels and other products) to five refugee camps in northeastern Syria.

Sewing Corona Masks in Afghanistan

Due to the proximity to Iran, the number of corona cases in our project region Herat in Afghanistan is increasing. A hospital has already been set up to quarantine the patients, but it only has 100 beds and lacks medical equipment.

Help supports the hospital with protective clothing, disinfectants & co. to contain the spread of the virus.

Protective masks are in short supply in Afghanistan. The tailoring apprentices at the "Ansari Vocational Training Center" are usually specialized in producing clothes and bags, but without further ado they switched to the production of corona masks. They produce 200 masks every day which are then distributed to people in need.

Corona and Cholera in Yemen

The first corona infection has been confirmed in Yemen. The estimated number of undetected cases is much higher because there are hardly any possibilities to test people for the virus.

For five years now, Yemen has been in the grip of a terrible war. The health system is in ruins, water and sewage systems have collapsed. For a population weakened by violence and hunger, the spread of the corona virus would be a nightmare.

In the region of Hajjah Help has been active in the fight against cholera for several months and has now extended the project by measures to protect people from the coronavirus. We organize trainings on disease prevention and distribute disinfectants, masks and gloves.

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Corona in South-East Europe

Emergency Aid for Roma Communities

In South-East Europe, Roma communities are particularly at risk. Although their right to health care is guaranteed by law, the reality is different for many Roma.

Hygiene conditions in Roma settlements are often problematic, making residents more vulnerable to diseases. In Montenegro and Kosovo, Help therefore distributes hygiene packages as well as food packages to Roma families.

In addition, many countries in South East Europe lack medical equipment. In Kosovo, Help was one of the first organizations to start distributing medical protective clothing and disinfectants to hospitals and other institutions. Since protective masks are currently unavailable due to high demand, Help produces masks together with women's cooperatives in Kosovo and Bosnia.

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