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Rehabilitation of schools in the Philippines


Emergency assistance and reconstruction

Brief information on the Philippines

Help has been involved in the Philippines since 2013 and is supporting about 33,000 people.
We are supporting 13 projects in the areas of reconstruction, water, income-creating measures and disaster aid.

"After the typhoon nothing was like it was before. Our school was seriously damaged. Teaching was no longer possible. Thanks to Help we now finally have a school again and it's even better than before." School pupils in the primary school in South District Ormoc
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What is the situation like in the Philippines?

Destruction after typhoon Hayian in the Philippines
Destruction after typhoon Hayian in the Philippines

Typhoon destroys people's livelihoods

Many people in the Philippines are still suffering today from the consequences of Typhoon Haiyan, which caused devastating damage in 2013. Wind speeds of 380 km/h resulted in metre high waves, which destroyed the coastline. The damage to the coral reefs destroyed the natural habitat of the fish and therefore the livelihood of the many fishermen. Fishing is one of the main sources of income in the Philippines.

We have already achieved a great deal in the affected areas. With reliable project partners we quickly and successfully implemented emergency aid and sustainable reconstruction. Individual regions had already been structurally weak before the typhoons over the last three years. The need for assistance is still high there. We will therefore provide reconstruction aid until at least the end of 2016 to enable a better future for the population.

How is Help helping in the Philippines?

Support people on the Philippines
Fishermen get supported with the reconstruction of their livelihood. ©ADH/Zanettini

Creating prospects with reconstruction and occupational further training

Help has been involved in eight municipalities since the end of 2013 on the Leyte Islands (e.g. Ormoc and Isabel), Cebu and Samar. Immediately after the two typhoons Haiyan and Hagupit Help provided emergency aid for survival and distributed food and tarpaulins. Together with the population we cleared settlements, roads and agricultural areas that had been devastated. Families affected by the disaster received repair sets to repair their houses and roofs themselves.  

We are promoting the following projects as part of the reconstruction:

  • refurbishing numerous school buildings and classrooms as well as nurseries
  • modernising sanitary facilities in schools and nurseries
  • building and further development of a fish rearing pond 
  • erecting artificial reefs to protect the coastline and recreate the habitat for the fish so that families can once again earn their own living  
  • rebuilding a covered market for small traders in agricultural products
  • providing various aids as disaster prevention
  • Occupation-related further training and sales training for example for women in handicrafts and to sell their products

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