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Jordanien: Hilfe für Flüchtlinge

Annual reports

You can find all the annual reports here

In 2017, Help - assistance towards self-reliance was involved in 89 projects in 23 project countries around the globe with a project budget of €30 million. Over 95% of the donations are going straight into the aid projects for the approximately 4 million beneficiaries.

“When I see that the result of my work is a glass of clean water in the hands of a child, a safe school for children or a paved road that takes a sick mother to a hospital ... It gives me endless satisfaction and happiness, it helps me forget all the daily risks and challenges we face.” Karin Settele, Managing Director of Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

Annual report 2017

Help would like to thank all the donors, companies and public donors, who support our projects and have made our work possible.
We are happy to send you a hard copy of the annual report on request. If you would like a hard copy, please send us a brief email with your name and address to or call us on 0228 - 915 29 30.

Annual reports from 2013 - 2016

  • Annual report 2016 4.62 M

    Every day we deal with extremely hard individual cases and atrocious incidents. We constantly have to re-evaluate where our limited help is needed the most. Aterwards, we have to account for how efecive and eicient our measures have been. Talking face to face with the people we support oten shows us in just one sentence that we do not only the right thing, but also that we do it the right way.
  • Annual Report 2015 4.20 M

    For 35 years we have been supporting refugees successfully and we create new prospects. Help’s work is a sustainable programme towards self-reliance. This is only possible through your support. Finally, we all benefit from the outcome because a secure existence leads to ...
  • Help Annual Report 2014 6.57 M

    What characterises Help‘s work? A strong team and strong partners. In this regard, I consider our clients to be partners, too. Together, we develop and implement projects. Once again, I am grateful for your support and for a strong Help team that keeps taking on new challenges and works relentlessly to pursu
  • Help Annual Report 2013 5.44 M

    Our philosophy: Every human being has the right to lead a life in dignity and is therefore entitled to aid and assistance. We help to alleviate human suffering caused by natural disasters and political conflicts and create prospects for people. The driving force behind our actions is our desire to help people and at Help – as the name itself says – it is to help others to help themselves.