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Brief information on water

Water covers 71 % of the Earth. However, 97 % of this is salt water and only 1 % drinking water. People are suffering from a severe shortage of water in Africa in particular. Help is involved in building wells, distributing water filters and setting up solar farms among other things.

What is the situation?

Water means life

According to the World Water Development Report 2015, 750 million people still have no access to clean drinking water. Above all in Africa, but also in Asia and South America drinking water remains a scarce commodity (UNESCO).
People and animals are forced to drink contaminated water. Contaminated water is the main cause of the transmission of diseases. 88 % of all diseases are the result of dirty water and 842,000 people die every year from the consequences (WHO).
In addition, many diseases are caused by the lack of sanitary facilities. 2.5 billion people have no access to the simplest sanitary facilities. Clean drinking water and hygienic sanitary facilities for everyone could prevent nine out of ten cases of diarrhoea. A milestone - because they actually account for 10% of all diseases worldwide.

Water is also the basis for food. Without water it is not possible for agriculture or industry to function. Food production is impossible without water. Water supplies, ensuring food supplies and health are therefore directly connected - water means life.

What is Help doing in the field of water?

Water marches on!

Help is improving supplies of drinking water for people worldwide and is taking on the construction of urgently required sanitary facilities. We develop a concept together with the people affected on how we can supply their region with water sustainably and effectively.

How we help:

  • building wells
  • building dams and water storage basins
  • distributing water filters
  • setting up solar-operated water pumps
  • providing water tanks in emergencies
  • setting up latrines
  • providing training on hygiene standards
  • training courses on building and maintenance

Chad: water supplies thanks to the power of the sun

In Chad Help is providing 15,000 refugees and locals with clean drinking water. Of the refugees 80 % are women and children.
At the start of the aid measures the refugee camp was still supplied with water in lorries. Now eight wells have been built and a permanent water system has been installed by Help together with the inhabitants of the camp. In 2013 the water pumps were converted to operate using solar energy. With a transport capacity of 160,000 litres per day this is the largest solar-operated drinking water plant in Chad.

This means that the refugees and local inhabitants have secure access to clean drinking water - in a climate friendly way. Owing to the great success of the solar-operated drinking water plant, the municipalities in the surrounding area are now also planning similar systems for environmentally friendly water supplies - Help will support them in this.

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