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Brief information on refugees

More than 60 million people are fleeing worldwide (UNO). Wars, persecution and natural disasters force them to leave their homeland. Refugees often have to live in inhuman conditions in refugee camps. Help is committed to refugees and combating the causes of flight.

"Over a year ago I came to Germany. I quickly found out about what was offered by Migrafica and started my first German classes here. I'm now doing the computer course and hope to find work soon. I would really like to work in a hotel." Hafam, 22 years old from Sudan
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What is the situation?

Most refugees were driven to another part of their homeland or had to flee to neighbouring countries (38 million). In these cases they are known as "internally displaced persons". Only 3 % of all refugees worldwide seek asylum. According to the UNHCR, Turkey and Pakistan absorb the most refugees by a long way (status: 07/2015).

The largest proportion of refugees come from Syria, because a terrible civil war has been raging here for years. 11 million Syrians have been driven from their homeland. The most urgent needs of the Syrian refugees are water, food and medical care.

What is Help doing on the subject of refugees?

Help is involved with refugees in many countries. At present we are also combating the causes of flight so that people do not have to leave their homeland in the first place: 
In acute emergency situations we provide assistance and supply the refugees with food, water and medicines. In addition, we are involved in many of the countries of origin and improve living conditions sustainably by providing long-term aid.

Combating causes of flight in Serbia

We are supporting local people and refugees in the Balkan countries in setting-up small businesses in the fields of agriculture, services and crafts.
Over the last few years we have helped over 6,000 small businesses in establishing livelihoods. In addition, we have created 5,600 homes to integrate refugees and people with social needs. By establishing 25 economic cooperation schemes we have made a real contribution to strengthening the economy in the region. Furthermore we have supplied 250 tool sets so that refugees can build or repair their own houses.

Germany - education as an opportunity

At present 4,500 refugees are being accommodated in the area around Bonn. In the long term it is above all advice and education which are important for integrating the refugees.
We are creating prospects for the refugees in collaboration with local associations: We are offering German lessons. We are providing the refugees with access to computers and libraries so that they can make job applications and have access to online vacancy databases. We also provide remedial lessons to pupils, give advice with applications and offer small-scale leisure activities.
With the assistance of specially trained refugee mentors, we will increasingly support the people concerned with integration in the workplace.

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