Food security

Food security

There is enough for everyone

Food security

Brief information on food security

Every ninth person on Earth does not have enough to eat. More people die from the consequences of hunger and malnourishment every year than from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis together, according to the World Food Programme of the UN. The causes of hunger are usually poverty, natural disasters, conflicts and poor agriculture.

What is the situation?

Worldwide 795 million people suffer from hunger. The greatest need is in Africa and Asia's rural regions. The causes are: lack of food and unavailable resources, such as usable arable land or seeds. 

The consequences of hunger are disastrous: people become ill more quickly. There is less physical and mental efficiency. 
Child mortality rises rapidly. 

Source: (WFP 2015)

What is Help doing in the field of food security?

A comparison: Germany - Africa

  • In Germany 5 - 8 tonnes of grain are harvested per hectare
  • Farms in Africa harvest only 0.5 – 1.5 tonnes per hectare
    • Furthermore 40 % of harvests in Africa and Asia are lost. The reasons are poor storage and the lack of knowledge about further processing

Help believes that sustainability in ensuring food supplies means considering a wide range of factors:

  1. teaching profitable and environmentally compatible farming methods
  2. offering training in basic business knowledge
  3. creating a functioning infrastructure
  4. selling excess food profitably

It's a long way to achieve this. Firstly the necessary conditions must be created: irrigation options, seeds and fertiliser must be made available. training on farming methods and economic fundamentals must be provided.

Zimbabwe – together towards independence

Our aid measures consist of several stages: firstly we support small-scale farmers with seeds and fertilisers. Then we train them in environmentally compatible and effective farming methods. Furthermore we offer training courses on how to grow crops as profitably as possible. The aim is to achieve an income to be able to fund items such as school fees and medicines oneself.

Burkina Faso – Commitment to children

in 2014 12 % of children under five years of age were malnourished in Burkina Faso. Over half of all child deaths at this age were the result of malnutrition. The reasons: too little grain, lack of drinking water and poor health care.

Help is currently committed to helping 35,194 households. They include 4,370 malnourished children and 3,850 pregnant women.

  • We are supporting people in cultivating their fields.
  • Help is supplying them with seeds,
  • building water catchment basins,
  • training farmers in effective cultivation techniques,
  • and establishing compost facilities for fertiliser.

In addition to the projects to ensure food supplies, Help is also involved in the field of health in Burkina Faso.

Nahrungsmittelausgabe in Syrien

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