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Brief information on education

The right to an education is a basic human right. Education is vital for the development of individuals and society. Help promotes occupational and (school) training courses in Afghanistan, Mali, Montenegro and Iraq. In addition, we are building and refurbishing school buildings in Nepal and on the Philippines.

"My name is Halima and I am 15 years old. My family had to flee from Afghanistan because of the war. My parents did not find any work in Iran and we were not able to go to school. Now that the war is over, we are happy to be back. My parents are receiving occupational training thanks to Help and we can go to school again.
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What is the situation?

Worldwide 57 million children are not going to school. Half of them live in Africa and a quarter in south and west Asia. Girls and children with disabilities are particularly disadvantaged. Parents are often reliant on help at home. The children have to help fetching water, cooking, doing the washing and in the fields, instead of going to school.  
The problem of education depends on many factors. There is the problem of a lack of infrastructure, problems in the home, financial problems of the government and many others.

What is Help doing in the field of education?

Primarily Help awards scholarships, finances school fees for those in need and offers training.  We train people in the regions affected for example in the fields of hygiene standards and earthquake-proof buildings. Furthermore we are building and repairing schools and training centres in order to also fund school uniforms and teaching materials for pupils as well as training.

Education is the key to a better future and creates opportunities for work, income and an independent life that is self-determined.

Haiti - Education as a basis

Help has set up a training centre in the regions of Leogane and Petit/Grand Goave to provide long-term livelihoods. The trainees are taught woodwork and iron-work as well as bricklaying. In this Help places particular emphasis on imparting knowledge about earthquake-proof building methods. It is our long-term aim to give the people affected by the earthquake the basis for an income once again.

Scholarships for pupils in Mali

In Mali in the region of Ségou 300 children in need receive a scholarship so that they can go to school. We are also supporting several small businesses financially so that the owners can provide for their families in the long term. In addition, this means that the parents are in a position to find the money for school fees and pay for school materials so that their children receive a basic education.

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€ 100 is the amount needed to cover the costs of educating a child in Haiti for one year.

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