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Kleiner Junge mit Winterkleidung von Help


Help for refugees

Donations for Syria - Your Help Matters

Help has been working in Syria since 2008. Currently we are concentrating on winter aid, as temperatures in Syria are falling drastically. We distribute blankets against the cold for 6,000 victims.

Our other projects in the areas of refugee aid, water, education and health are helping more than 270,000 people to survive. Support Help in Syria - Donate now!

„We had to leave our home and now we live with relatives. I'm back in school for the first time in four months, and that's great. Help has helped us achieve this. We even get a lunch package at school."
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What is the situation like in Syria?

Many refugees in Syria live in unfinished buildings with no access to water.
Many refugees in Syria live in unfinished buildings with no access to water.

Trapped in the Civil War

With well over 200,000 deaths and many more injured and traumatised people, Syria is the scene of the most dramatic conflict of our time. For almost seven years the conflict in Syria has been going on. According to the UN, over 13 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian aid and over 6 million people have already fled to Europe or neighbouring countries (10/2017). However, the estimated number of unreported cases is expected to be far higher. Despite the rather calm state of the fighting between the main warring parties, Syria is far from safe. The majority of displaced persons have not been able to return to their homes yet, because they are destroyed or mined. Nearly 6 million Syrians, mainly women and children, are fleeing their own country. They are in the vicinity of the cities of Damascus, Homs and Aleppo. They live there in unfinished buildings, tents or in the open air and live under hygienically poor conditions. In all parts of the country, goods for daily needs and the food supply are short, usually very expensive and the savings of the internally displaced persons are coming to an end. In addition, the years of fighting have caused enormous damage to infrastructure at all levels. Many of them have totally inadequate access to water and electricity. Health care and the education system have collapsed. "Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe" supports the Syrians with emergency aid measures. We are one of the few international aid agencies that continue to provide humanitarian aid to the citizens of Syria.

How is Help helping in Syria?

Help distributes food, water, hygiene articles and blankets to refugees in Syria.
Help distributes food, water, hygiene articles and blankets to refugees in Syria.

Further Assistance is Urgently Needed

Since 2012, Help has been providing humanitarian aid to domestic refugees in Syria. We support the people affected by the civil war in the region of Homs and the region of Damascus. Help supplies them with food, drinking water, baby food, hygiene and kitchen items. In the winter, Help distributed additional blankets and warm clothing to the most needy people. We also support some of them with rent and medical aid. To ensure that no further lost generation grows up, we organise emergency schooling and training courses for children and young people. Many schools in the country have been destroyed. In this way, we give young people a perspective after the war. With the reconstruction of water and sanitation infrastructure, hundreds of thousands of people have access to water again: in Al Hussainiyah south of Damascus, Help improves and gives access to water and sanitation for 45,000 people.

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Numbers and Facts

Flag of Syria
    • Over 13 million people depend on humanitarian aid (10/2017)
    • Around 6 million people flee within Syria (10/2017)
    • More than 6 million Syrians have fled to Europe and neighbouring countries (10/2017)
    • Well over 300,000 deaths, countless injured and traumatised (10/2017)
    • 26,896 Syrians have filed asylum applications in Germany in 2017 (as of July)


    • Construction of 4 water treatment stations for 120,000 people
    • Rehabilitation of 16 wells and construction of water pipes for 145,000 people
    • Provide 40,000 people with daily water transports
    • Emergency schooling and vocational training for 8,050 children and young people
    • Food, hygiene articles, blankets and winter clothing for 92,000 men, women and children
    • Medical care for 3,800 Syrians
    • Rental subsidies for 320 families



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