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Refugees in syria


Help for refugees

Brief information on Syria

Help has been working in Syria since 2008. We are currently concentrating on emergency aid for those affected by the continuing civil war. Our two projects in the areas of water, refugee aid, education and health help more than 270,000 people to survive.

"We had to leave our home and are now living with relatives. I have now gone back to school for the first time in four months and that's great. Help has assisted us to do this. We even receive a lunch pack at school."
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What is the situation like in Syria?

Many refugees in Syria live in shells with no access to water.
Many refugees in Syria live in shells with no access to water.

Caught up in civil war

The conflict in Syria has already lasted for five years. According to the UN approximately 13.5 million Syrians depend on humanitarian aid, 4.8 million people have already fled to neighbouring countries and over 250,000 have been killed (status: 07/2016). However, the estimated number of victims is much higher More than 6 million Syrians, mostly women and children, have fled within their own country. They are living in the surroundings of the contested cities of Damascus, Homs and Aleppo. They are living in ruined buildings, tents or in the open with poor hygiene conditions. Many have completely insufficient access to water and electricity. Health care and the education system have collapsed. "Help - Help for self-help" is supporting the Syrians with emergency aid measures. We are one of the few international charities, which continue to provided humanitarian aid to the civil population in Syria.

How is Help helping in Syria?

Help distributes food, water, hygiene articles and blankets to refugees in Syria.
Help distributes food, water, hygiene articles and blankets to refugees in Syria.

Additional help is urgently needed

Help has already been providing humanitarian aid for internal refugees in Syria since 2012. We are supporting the people affected by the civil war in the region of Homs and the area around Damascus. Help is providing them with food, drinking water, baby food, toiletries and kitchen utensils. In the winter Help also distributed blankets and warm clothing to particularly needy people. We also supported some of them with help towards their rent and medical supplies. So that not another lost generation grows up, we are organising emergency school lessons and specialist courses for children and young people. This is because a large number of schools in the country have been destroyed. In Al Hussainiyah south of Damascus supplies of drinking water and the removal of waste water for 45,000 people have been restored and improved.

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