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Flooding in Pakistan

Pakistan needs Help

Reconstruction and aid in disaster zones

Brief information on Pakistan

Since the major flood of 2010 Help has been supporting the reconstruction of the country and is strengthening the resistance of the population through aid in disaster zones. Help has supported Afghan refugees in Pakistan for many years and also became involved after the earthquake in 2005.

 "Everyone knows their role in the event of a flood and knows what to do. I can provide first aid and look after the injured", says Humera, a trained disaster helper from Charsadda.
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What is the situation like in Pakistan?

Pakistan: old man
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Natural disasters worsen poverty

Pakistan is very susceptible to recurrent natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides or flooding. Villages are flooded by the monsoon on a regular basis. The rural population is neither prepared nor equipped to help themselves. Many people are living below the poverty line. There is an extremely unequal distribution of income and assets as well as access to health care and education. The strict traditions and interpretation of religion permit hardly any participation in social and professional life by women.

Pakistan depends on imports of industrial goods and food. Natural disasters such as the floods of 2010, in which 21 million people lost their homes, affect the population particularly severely. The resilience and ability of the population to cope with the consequences on their own is limited.

How is Help helping in Pakistan?

Disaster preparedness training in Pakistan
Hygienic training helps Help in Pakistan to prevent catastrophes.

Emergency aid, rural health care and training for the next serious event

Help has already provided emergency assistance such as food, medicines and toiletries in Pakistan several times after major disasters for example the flood in 2010 and the earthquake in 2005.

During the reconstruction work after the flood Help

  • refurbished health centres and improved their basic supplies of medicines
  • trained community nurses and technicians
  • developed a medical manual with tips and pictures on hygiene, vaccinations, antenatal and postnatal care for the villages

Help is training voluntary task forces in villages threatened by floods in the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab, who work on evacuation plans, early warning systems, meeting points and escape routes. We are teaching the correct behaviour in an emergency. Disaster sets (tools and equipment to rescue and clear, first aid boxes) are intended to lower the number of victims and damage in the future.

Donors and partners: ADH (Aktion Deutschland Hilft), BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)

Pictures and videos

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