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Mother and child return to Iraq


Help for displaced persons

Brief information on North Iraq

Since the start of the refugee crisis in August 2014 Help has provided food to up to 55,000 people in North Iraq, refurbished schools for 20,800 pupils, created income for families and provided winter assistance and subsidies for rent for the people who have been driven out of their homeland.

"I am 7 years old and come from Sinjar. In the summer of 2014 IS attacked us and we had to flee as quickly as possible. One of my cousins did not escape in time and was killed. Since then we have been living in a refugee camp. We are really happy about the playground from Help, but there is not enough room for all the children. Even more playgrounds would be great."
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What is the situation like in North Iraq?

refugee camp
Camp for refugees who fled from Iraq

Catastrophic humanitarian situation in North Iraq

The humanitarian situation in North Iraq has worsened continually since the middle of 2014. So-called Islamic State continues to drive people out of their homeland. For example hundreds of thousands of people from the occupied areas have sought safety from the terror in the region of Dohuk. They were able to take only a few belongings with them from their houses and apartments because of the sudden attack. The refugee camps in existence have been overflowing for a long time. The living conditions for the refugees are disastrous - particularly outside the camps. They live in temporary accommodation such as schools, shells of buildings or the ruins of buildings, which offer neither sufficient sanitary facilities nor protection against the cold. Medical care is also usually not available outside the refugee camps. People lack food, safe and robust living areas, health care and clothing. So far approximately 3.3 million Iraqis have sought refuge in the north of the country. According to the UN, there are currently over 10 million people who are dependent on humanitarian aid in Iraq - with this expected to rise to 13 million by the end of 2016, half of them children.


How is Help helping in North Iraq?

A family in Iraq receives a new trash can
Help employees distribute a new trash can and register the owner for waste disposal

The essentials to survive

Since the summer of 2014 Help has been providing aid worth about € 4 million in North Iraq! In the region of Dohuk, Zakho and Erbil we are providing internal refugees with the essentials: Food as well as warm clothing and blankets for the cold winter months. In Erbil Help is supporting the seriously ill with medical aid because the level of health care does not usually go beyond basic care. For children and young people Help refurbished a total of 25 schools, which were being used as accommodation for refugees. More schools will follow so that lessons can resume. Help also built ten playgrounds in four refugee camps for the children - a little everyday enjoyment after fleeing their homes. We are also supporting people with rent subsidies and short-term income.

Help was already involved in Iraq from 2003 - 2008 after the American invasion with projects to clear mines, supply water and provide health care. We were the last German relief organisation to leave Iraq in 2008 for security reasons. After this there were projects for Iraqi refugees in Syria lasting many years. As a result of the refugee crisis in 2014, Help returned to the north of Iraq.

Pictures and videos

Flüchtlingskind im Irak


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€ 50 is sufficient to feed a family of five for a week with hot meals.


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