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The war with so-called Islamic State (IS) ended in June 2017. Now more than 2 million refugees are returning to their destroyed home region. Help supports people in Iraq with rebuilding schools and water supply networks to provide running drinking water. Donate now to support the rebuilding of Iraq!

“When IS attacked my village, Baawiza, I had to flee with my family. While we were fleeing, I was injured in the head, and my brother almost died. Now we can return to Baawiza, but IS has looted and destroyed everything. Help has helped us to rebuild the water supply network: thanks to Help, we now have clean drinking water again.” Abdurhaman from the village of Baawiza
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What is the situation like in Iraq?

A country shaped by war

The conflict with IS is over. The liberation of Mosul in July 2017 marked its end. Hundreds of thousands of people are now making their way back to their homes. But there are also many refugees who are not yet able to return. This dynamic poses a particular problem: according to the United Nations’ estimates, more than 8.7 million people depend on the support of aid organisations.

Nineveh Governorate in northern Iraq is especially affected. In this region alone, there are more than 4 million people in need of aid. Roads and public buildings such as hospitals and schools are damaged or have been completely destroyed. In addition to health care shortages, there is not enough clean water to meet daily needs. Waste and filth increase the risk of diseases breaking out.

People’s safety is still at risk. Even if IS has been driven out of the towns, it still has some support in a few rural areas. New conflicts between the Kurds, Turkey and the central Iraqi government may lead to further fighting in the future. 

How is Help providing support in Iraq?

We are building a future together

Help has been supporting the reconstruction of Iraq since 2017. In addition to drilling wells, Help is laying water pipes and building water tanks and pumping stations in Nineveh Governorate. This will give over 19,000 people access to running water again for drinking, cooking, washing and daily hygiene. Help also distributes rubbish containers so that waste from over 3,500 households is properly disposed of. This prevents the spread of diseases due to waste.

Help has already helped Fatma. She is 71 years old and had to flee the terror of IS with her family. Fatma has now returned to her village. She remembers: “The last time there was a functioning water supply network in our village was 34 years ago. Thanks to Help, there’s water for everyone again!”

Another priority for our work is rebuilding schools. Over 22,500 pupils now have a place to learn again thanks to Help. A further 12 schools for 8,000 children are planned. We also create opportunities for refugees and returnees with our training programmes. So far we have trained 620 apprentices as welders, seamsters and seamstresses, hairdressers and IT technicians.

In total, we support over 100,000 people in Iraq.

Facts and Figures

      • 8.7 million people in Iraq need humanitarian aid
      • 5.4 million people need help with access to water and sanitary facilities
      • Over 2.1 million Iraqis have been internally displaced since 2014
      • Over 2 million returnees need support with rebuilding their lives 
      • 240,000 Syrian refugees fled to Iraq

      Quellen: OCHA

      • Provided over 24,000 people with access to clean drinking water and sewage and waste disposal systems
      • Rebuilt 25 schools for more than 22,500 pupils
      • Installed water filters to treat water in 95 schools for 65,000 pupils
      • Funded vocational training for 620 apprentices

      Providing humanitarian aid since 2014:

      • Supplied food aid to 79,000 internally displaced persons
      • Provided 1,250 children with winter clothing
      • Supplied warm blankets to 1,000 families

      Pictures and videos

      Refugee child in Iraq

      Donate now and support the rebuilding of Iraq

      €25 will buy a hygiene kit with soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, detergent and other items.

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