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Release of Jörg Lange

Help confirms release of abducted staff member

Bonn, 10 December 2022 – Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe confirms the release of the German employee Jörg Lange, who was abducted in Niger on 11 April 2018. As Help Country Director Niger, Jörg Lange managed all aid projects in the country.

The 63-year-old engineer has dedicated his life to humanitarian aid. His work over more than 30 years for people in need is both a vocation and a profession for Jörg Lange. He is an experienced and level-headed aid worker and closely connected to the people in Africa.

"We are very relieved and grateful that our colleague Jörg Lange can return to his family after more than four and a half years. Our great thanks go to all the people who have contributed to or supported this release, especially the crisis team of the German Federal Foreign Office, the German Bundeskriminalamt and other German authorities involved, as well as authorities and friends in Mali, Niger and neighboring countries," said Help Managing Director Bianca Kaltschmitt.

We ask for your understanding that the focus is on the care of the colleague and his family and that further media enquiries cannot be answered.