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Rebuilding after the earthquake

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Help has been active in Nepal since the earthquake in April 2015. After providing acute emergency relief, we rebuilt ten schools. We trained craftsmen and gave those affected by the earthquake training in sustainable food production.
But many people are still living in poor conditions and have no access to drinking water or a roof over their heads. The people of Nepal need help – donate now!

 “I think we have the nicest-looking school of all.”
Gokai (2nd from left)  “School is really fun now that we have the new furniture.” Alina (left)  “When I grow up, I want to be a teacher. I can already speak English.”
Manisha (right)

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What is the situation like in Nepal?

Back to square one: the earthquake in Nepal

The most severe earthquake in over 80 years hit the Himalayan state in April 2015. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake claimed 9,000 lives. Underground watercourses were displaced, and sources of water that people relied on for survival ran dry. Over 600,000 houses were completely destroyed. Many public institutions such as schools also did not withstand the earthquake. At the time, 2.8 million people needed humanitarian aid. The demand for aid was enormous.

Now the reconstruction is well under way, and some work has already been completed. But when it comes to rebuilding private homes and the water supply, the situation is very different: people are too poor to finance the rebuilding of their houses, and there are still shortages of drinking water and latrines. Due to the poor water supply, many people are suffering from diseases that are transmitted by contaminated water. They still need humanitarian aid.

How is Help providing support in Nepal?

A new start after the earthquake

Help’s aid focuses primarily on the municipality of Thulo Sirubari in Sindhupalchok District. Almost every family in the village with 9,908 inhabitants has been affected by the consequences of the earthquake. More than 96 per cent of the houses and many public institutions were destroyed. After distributing tools, tarpaulin and corrugated metal sheets and clearing the destruction in the emergency phase, Help started rebuilding the municipality. It built sanitary facilities, installed water filters and constructed latrines to give 2,034 school pupils and 208 households access to clean drinking water. Help also provided hygiene training. 

Donors and partners: ADH (Aktion Deutschland Hilft), Apollo, Commerzbank, Fly & Help, HDL (Hilfswerk der Deutschen Lions e. V.), NAK-karikativ, Tuki Association Sunkoshi 

  +++ As of April 2019, there are no projects in Nepal +++

Learning without fear

Anjana Dhungel teaches at Shree Bagh Bhairab Basic School, which was rebuilt by Help. She looks after nine children aged between three and five years old in the new school building. Through play and games, she prepares them for school and teaches them English, mathematics, science and general knowledge. Lessons take the form of role plays with soft toys and children’s books. “I feel safe in the new school. Part of the old building was built from bamboo and stones. It was not very nice even before the earthquake. Now we have this wonderfully furnished school with a solid structure. I hardly think about any dangers and can concentrate completely on the children.”

Facts and Figures


      •  2.8 million people needed humanitarian aid after the earthquake (2015)
      • 600,000 houses were destroyed. A further 300,000 were damaged (2015)
      • 1,383 schools were damaged or destroyed (2015)
      • One third of the population lives below the poverty line (2016)

      Sources: BMZOCHA

      • Rebuilt 10 schools
      • Trained 54 craftspeople in earthquake-resistant construction
      • Provided training on long-term food security to 140 people
      • Ran 42 awareness-raising workshops on disaster preparedness
      • Formed 58 income saving groups
      • Gave emergency aid to 9,908 people
      • Provided 1,150 households with ropes and tarpaulin
      • Distributed 1,764 tool sets
      • Distributed 450 wheelbarrows
      • Distributed solid roofing materials to 1,779 households

      Pictures and videos

      Kind in einem zerstörten Haus

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      With €2,000 we can build lavatories for a school and provide clean drinking water.

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