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Build up livelihoods in Kosovo

Kosovo needs Help

Using entrepreneurial spirit to combat the lack of prospects

Brief information on Kosovo

Since May 2015 Help has again been active in Kosovo after a ten-year break. We are particularly involved in sustainably combating poverty and the causes of flight by supporting entrepreneurs in building up their businesses. We are creating work and income through "assistance towards self-reliance" for hundreds of families.

"Even as highly qualified software engineers we found hardly any work in Kosovo. Help enabled us to set up our own company and in this way helped us to have long-term professional prospects in our homeland."Arta Shehu Zaimi and Fiona Shehu, founders of J-Coders, a start-up company supported by Help
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What is the situation like in Kosovo?

Help Kosovo with education in the long term
Helping through education in the long term

A small country, major challenges

Kosovo, which previously belonged to Yugoslavia and declared its independence from Serbia in 2008, is half as big as Rhineland-Palatinate. The 1.8 billion inhabitants of Kosovo are facing a large number of problems: The economy is weakening, there is high unemployment, particularly among young people. More than two-thirds of young people and young adults have no work.

Kosovo's economic hardship is largely the result of widespread social problems such as corruption, the dominance of clan structures and organised crime. Sullenness and a lack of prospects are therefore very widespread above all in the young population; the desire to leave the homeland and search for a better life is often great. 

How is Help helping in Kosovo?

Livelihood security in Kosovo
Support agriculture and provide income opportunities

You can find more detailed information on the local Help website of Kosovo.

Creating prospects on site, combating the causes of flight

Since 2015 Help has resumed implementing projects in Kosovo. The most important objectives: Long-term combating of poverty and therefore the causes of flight. This means always involving the local people in the most important decision-making processes so that they can work towards their futures themselves.  We help them to establish small companies in agriculture, services and handicrafts - always with the main aim that the people receiving support can support themselves in the long term. As well as providing start-up capital, usually in the form of equipment and materials, we also run business training courses for and with the young entrepreneurs so that their business ideas can be successful in the long term. 


Donors and Partners:  AA (Department for Foreign Affairs), AFPK Association for Peace Kosovo, Foundation Kosovo-Luxembourg, Society for International Cooperation, Ministry for Employment and Social Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo



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Support people in Kosovo in the long term with educational trainings


Donate for Kosovo now

Business management training for business founders costs € 30 to help them take their first step towards independence.

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