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Combating poverty and the causes of migration

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In Kosovo, we are currently equipping hospitals, nursing homes and vulnerable communities with medical protective clothing and disinfectants to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Help is creating opportunities for many young people in Kosovo. Our training programme supports young entrepreneurs and start-up founders, and provides a secure income for hundreds of families. We are also committed to helping those who are especially vulnerable, such as people with Down Syndrome. You can also help in Kosovo – donate now!

"Even as highly qualified software engineers we found hardly any work in Kosovo. Help enabled us to set up our own company and in this way helped us to have long-term professional prospects in our homeland."Arta Shehu Zaimi and Fiona Shehu, founders of J-Coders, a start-up company supported by Help
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What is the situation like in Kosovo?

A young country with big challenges

Kosovo is the youngest state in Europe. After the violent exchanges at the end of the Kosovo War in 1999, followed by international administration under the United Nations, Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in 2008. Since then 114 states have recognised Kosovo under international law, including Germany. Under EU mediation, Kosovo and Serbia have been working together since 2012 to normalise their relationship.

Kosovan society suffers under the power struggles within the political elite. Long-overdue reforms are blocked or subordinated by personal interests.  As a result, the country has an ailing economy with high unemployment, especially among young people: more than half of those under 25 are unemployed. The young state also has to struggle with poor infrastructure, a lack of transparency, corruption and criminality. Many young people feel that they have no hope and often want to leave their homeland to seek a better life elsewhere.

How is Help providing support in Kosovo?

You can find more detailed information on the local Help website of Kosovo.

Building futures to combat the causes of migration

In 2015 Help resumed its projects in Kosovo. Our most important goal: sustainably combating poverty and with it the causes of migration. Help focuses on providing local support to young people through future-oriented training programmes, such as courses in programming, robotics, website development and graphic design. We also help young entrepreneurs and those who complete our courses to start their own small businesses. We teach them business administration so that their idea will continue to be a success in the long run and create new jobs. 

Another priority for us is helping vulnerable people, such as people with Downs syndrome. Through special training courses in hospitality and catering, we open up paths to economic independence for them and support their social integration and acceptance.

Donors and PartnersFoundation Kosovo-Luxembourg, GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), Ministry for Employment and Social Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, USAID

Creativity pays off

Milot Spahija is a carpenter in the town of Peja. He had a dream: running his own business making personalised wooden signs. But he did not have the tools and equipment he needed. For his carpentry and decorative signs, he had to hire machines, which was expensive, or make everything laboriously by hand, which took him a long time. Earning a regular income like this was impossible. Help provided him with the tools and machines that he needed for his work. Now he can turn his creative ideas into reality at a much lower cost, and his work is a lot easier. Thanks to Help’s support, he is now a successful businessman, and there is high demand for his wood decorations for engagement parties, weddings and company logos. “What pleases me the most is when young parents want a nameplate for their children – they make great presents. Now I’m planning to expand the business further.”

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Facts and Figures

      • 1.8 million residents
      • 27.5 per cent of the population are affected by unemployment (2017)
      • 57 per cent of under-25s are unemployed (2017)
      • 30 per cent live on less than €1.70 a day (2017)

      Source: BMZ

      Help’s achievements in Kosovo since 2015:

      • Supported over 1,100 start-ups in 21 partner towns and cities
      • Run over 1,000 future-oriented training courses in areas such as programming, robotics, website development and graphic design
      • Created over 320 additional jobs
      • Run a total of 200 training courses in bookkeeping, business administration, marketing and sales and in various trades
      • Supported the Down Syndrome Center in Mitrovica by building a new kitchen for learning purposes, where training programmes in hospitality and catering are run

      Support people in Kosovo in the long term with educational trainings

      Donate for Kosovo now

      Business management training for business founders costs € 30 to help them take their first step towards independence.

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