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Jordan: Help for Syrian refugees


Help for Syrian refugees

Brief information on Jordan

Help has been coordinating its projects in the Middle East from Jordan since 2003. Today we are above all actively involved in providing psycho-social care to more than 3,000 traumatised refugees in the north of the country. In another project we support over 10,000 people in rehabilitation and refugee aid.

"I come from Aleppo in Syria and we fled to Jordan when our neighbour's house was destroyed. There was no more room in the refugee camps, so we are living in tents. Help brought us warm clothes and toys in the winter and we were very grateful."  
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What is the situation like in Jordan?

Relief for refugees in Jordan: food
Food, blankets, thick clothing - Syrian refugees need help badly. ©Khemesh

The conflict in Syria is challenging

Since the start of the conflict in Syria in 2011 more than 4 million people have fled the country. Many sought protection in the neighbouring countries of Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon. In Jordan alone there are currently over 650,000 registered Syrian refugees - with unregistered refugees estimated at over one million. A striking figure as Jordan has only about 7 million inhabitants itself. The country is therefore facing major challenges regarding accommodation and care for the refugees. Many of the refugees are suffering from war trauma but it is difficult to find treatment: This is because the country's health care system is completely overloaded with the influx of people. In addition, there is no space for all the new arrivals in the refugee camps. Many have to live in tents, emergency accommodation or shells of buildings. It is difficult for international assistance to reach these refugees "Help - assistance towards self-reliance" above all supports people outside the refugee camps. 

How is Help helping in Jordan?

Psychosocial assistance for refugees
Help cares about psychosocial assistance for refugees in Jordan.
Aid packets for Syrian refugees
Help distributes aid packets for Syrian refugees outside of the refugee camps. ©Khemesh

Dealing with war trauma

Medical care for refugees is a major problem throughout the country. For example infectious diseases such as measles and typhoid are occurring increasingly frequently. But psychological care for people with mental illnesses, which were for example triggered by the refugees' experiences in the civil war, is absolutely insufficient according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). As part of a collaboration project with Berliner Charité, Help is training psychologists, psychiatrists and general physicians to become trauma therapists. Meanwhile, 100 doctors have been successfully trained and are now providing psycho-social support to Syrian refugees in the health centres in northern Jordan. The Jordanian health care staff also benefit from the training courses.

In addition, Help is also providing basic assistance to refugees usually outside the camps and to host communities in need.

  • Food
  • Drinking water
  • Winter clothing and blankets  
  • and toys for the children

Donors and partners: AA (Department for Foreign Affairs), ADH (Aktion Deutschland Hilft), ZF hilft e.V.

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