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Refugees in Greece


Assistance to refugees in and around Athens and Thessaloniki

Brief information on Greece

Greece lies at the centre of one of the largest European migration routes. Since the EU-Turkey Agreement of March 2016 Greece has become the last station in the European Union for many refugees. Help promotes local projects with the focus on: medical aid, education and advice and distribution of aid parcels.

 "My children should go to school and grow up in a free environment. There is no going back for us", says Ferahnouz from Afghanistan, 33 years old and the mother of three children. 
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What is the situation like in Greece?

Relief for refugees in Greece
The refugees in Greece live under unfavorable conditions.

Families fleeing - stranded and destitute

Since the closure of the borders between Greece and Macedonia there are no prospects for transit refugees to go any further on the way to Europe. People are living rough everywhere on the Greek mainland as well as the islands, stranded and destitute. Approximately 60,000 refugees are trapped in Greece. Most of them come from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of the refugees are now living in refugee camps.

Some families are still camping out in the open in small, simple tents. The hygiene situation is unacceptable. There are hardly any toilets or showers. Hepatitis, diarrhoea and childhood diseases are spreading. Volunteers distribute food and clothing. Greece is facing great challenges in coping with the refugee situation and also economic difficulties and is reliant on solidarity.

How is Help helping in Greece?

Medical assistance, aid parcels, education and advice

In collaboration with Greek organisations we are providing ambulances with special paediatric equipment to transport babies and toddlers in an emergency. We are improving living conditions through aid parcels with food and toiletries as well as through psycho-social advice. We help with legal advice and support during the asylum application procedure. We offer workshops and sports activities to promote integration.

Donors and partners: Department for Foreign Affairs, Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Antigone, Greek Council for Refugees, NAK-karikativ, The Smile of the Child

Pictures and videos

Health for refugee children in Piraeus, Greek


Donate for Greece

€ 70 help us to provide medical care for refugees in Greece.

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