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Disaster in Moria: In a devastating fire the refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos was completely destroyed. Over 12,000 people are affected. Our long-standing partner organisation is on site and provides emergency aid as well as psychotherapeutic and legal counselling.

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“I want my children to go to school and grow up in a free environment. There’s no going back for us.” says Ferahnouz, 33, a mother of three children from Afghanistan.

What is the situation like in Greece?

Forgotten by Europe

In 2019 the number of refugees arriving in Greece increased once more. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled war and persecution in their home countries and tried to reach Central Europe in recent years, where they hoped to live in safety. But the closure of the Balkan route in early 2016 has left tens of thousands of refugees stranded in Greece. Overnight, poorly equipped temporary refugee camps became permanent homes for countless families.

41,000 refugees are currently stranded in camps on the Aegean islands alone, eventhough there is only room for 7,500 people. In the refugee camps, the conditions are inhumane and the hygiene is catastrophic.

The need is huge on the mainland as well: currently, over 74,000 refugees are living there. Many of them are homeless and feel left alone. In order for the Greek population to meet the enormous challenge and to succeed in supporting and integrating the refugees, Greece depends on the solidarity of other European countries.

How is Help providing support in Greece?

Shelter for refugee women and children

For refugee women and children, fear is a constant companion. In the completely overcrowded refugee camps in Greece, they repeatedly become victims of violence and sexual assault. The Mosaico House, founded by Help, offered single women and their children a safe home.

Help also supported residents of Mosaico House in accessing public bodies and the authorities, hospitals and schools. Here, refugees found the basic essentials they needed, as well as protection and psychosocial counselling. Language courses and other integration workshops were organised together with the refugees, and creative childcare was offered. At Mosaico House, refugee women and children found shelter and learned about the culture and values of the European Union.

Unfortunately, the Mosaico House had to close in 2020. Following the terrible fire catastrophe in Moria refugee Camp, Help is supporting the emergency aid of our long-standing partner organization “Greek Council for Refugees”. The families receive psychotherapeutic and legal advice.

Donors and partners:  ADH (Aktion Deutschland Hilft), GCR (Greek Council for Refugees)

Finally able to hope again

Fourouzan (33) and her daughter, Elena (13), fled violence and terror in Afghanistan. Their journey was traumatising. When they arrived in Greece, they were both in very poor physical and mental health. It was only when they reached Mosaico House that they finally felt safe again. They regained their strength, their health improved, and Elena found the courage to face life again. Fourouzan says: “I see so much good here; they really care for us.”

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Facts and Figures

      • Over 74,000 refugees arrived in Greece  in 2019
      • For comparison: 32,000 refugees arrived in 2018
      • Most of the refugees come from Afghanistan (39.6%) and Syria (24.6 per cent) (2020)
      • Around 115,600 refugees are stranded in Greece (01/2020)

      Sources: OCHA

      Help founded Mosaico House in Athens which was a safe home for 36 women and children. Before this, Help improved the living conditions of around 22,000 refugees in main and transit accommodation, distributed shopping vouchers to 5,000 refugees, ran courses for around 2,300 people and provided advice on asylum law to around 2,900 asylum seekers and their relatives.

      Help-Mitarbeiter mit geflüchteten Kindern im Mosaico Haus in Athen

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      Emergency aid for refugee families

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      BIC: DRES DE FF 370


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