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Burkina Faso: health and hygiene

Help in Burkina Faso

Health care and food

Brief information on Burkina Faso

Help has been active in Burkina Faso since 2008 and currently supports about 350,000 people. We are helping the local population and refugees from Mali in four projects with food, health and refugee assistance.

"Previously the doctor was too far away and we had no money for treatment. Also with support from Help there is free treatment for children and mothers in health centres", says Djénéba, 28 years old and the mother of three children.
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What is the situation like in Burkina Faso?

Refugee camp in Burkina Faso
High child mortality: One of five children does not survive it's 5th birthday

Extreme poverty is part of the everyday life of the population


Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world. More than half of the population live in extreme poverty. People are suffering from hunger following droughts, failed harvests and food speculation.

Maternal and child mortality is very high: every tenth child dies before its fifth birthday and many pregnant women do not survive the birth of their child. Pregnant women, mothers and children do not usually receive any medical treatment, particularly in rural areas - and they account for 90 percent of the country - because families cannot afford the treatment costs.

Approximately 34,000 refugees from Mali, who fled over the borders of their homeland without any belongings following the civil war, also live in great need. Caring for mainly women and children in the refugee camps is extremely challenging for the weak economy of Burkina Faso.

How is Help helping in Burkina Faso?

Help provides medical help to children under the age of 5 in Burkina Faso
Children get medical treatment in health centres in the districts of Dori and Sebba.

Donors and partners: AA (Department for Foreign Affairs), ECHO (Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection), Health Ministry Burkina Faso, UNHCR, Unicef

Providing sustainable help through health care and ensuring food supplies

It's our aim to build up the people in Burkina Faso so that they can help themselves in the long term. Help has been supporting projects for eight years to provide health care for all mothers, pregnant women and children in the districts of Dori and Sebba.

At the same time we are improving the situation of refugees from Mali in the camps in Mentao and Goudébou and are trying to secure food supplies in Yatenga in the north of the country.


In our projects we are providing the following assistance:


  • reducing malnourishment in the Sahel region by improving food production
  • strengthening the health system by identifying and caring for undernourished children
  • introducing and testing a health care fund system
  • Ecologically sustainable energy supplies for refugee camps of refugees from Mali

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