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Producing income in Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina

From emergency help to self-reliance

Brief information on Bosnia and Herzegovina

Help already began to provide emergency help in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Yugoslav war in 1995. Lasting over 20 years it is now Help's longest uninterrupted project in one country. The focus of the project work is now on securing livelihoods and creating income.



"Already when I was a small boy I dreamed of becoming a car mechanic. Thanks to the support of Help my dream has come true and I can support myself because of my job."
(Mehmed, 24 years old, car mechanic from Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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What is the situation like in Bosnia?

Emergency aid in Bosnia during the flood in 2014
Emergency aid in Bosnia during the flood in 2014

A country with many challenges

Bosnia and Herzegovina has existed in its current form only since the end of 1995, when the so-called Bosnian war came to an end with the Dayton Agreement. After three years of civil war Sarajevo and many other towns and villages had been destroyed to a large extent and wide areas of the country were mined. About 2.2 million people fled or were driven out, both within the country as well as abroad. Only some of the refugees and the people who were driven out have now returned.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is still a very divided country today. The various groups of the population remain far from being able to live together in a position of trust. Minorities such as Roma are often disadvantaged and marginalised. There is high unemployment: Officially 60 percent of all young people and every fourth adult are without a job. The flood of the century in 2014 led to additional economic losses in many municipalities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  A large number of people lost their livelihoods in one fell swoop.


How is Help helping in Bosnia?

Support of small businesses in Bosnia
Help assists small businesses like this candle manufactory©Buethe


You can find more detailed information on the local Help website of Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

Combat poverty in the long term, achieve stability

As of 1996, after the end of the fighting, Help chiefly focussed on projects to reconstruct houses and infrastructure, build new local structures as well as mine clearing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was later followed by programmes to reintegrate minorities and returning refugees. After the serious floods in 2014 we provided emergency help for those affected and supported them in rebuilding their homes and small businesses.

Today Help is particularly involved in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of assisting small businesses, in other words

  • support for securing livelihoods,
  • promoting income creating measures as well as
  • business training for small businesses.


Donors and partners: AA (Department for Foreign Affairs), ADH (Aktion Deutschland Hilft), DEKRA, Globus Stiftung, Hilfswerk der deutschen Lions e.V., Ministry for Employment and Social Policy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina,  New Apostolic Church – karitativ e.V.SDL Foundation, ZF hilft e.V.

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