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Together for Tomorrow

25 Years in South East Europe

Together we are creating opportunities

Help can now look back on 25 years of work in South East Europe and on a period of the most intense need caused by violent conflicts, but also on years of hope and successes in sustainable development.

Unfortunately, reconciliation within and between the individual states in South East Europe remains a challenge, ethnic minorities are excluded, many young people have no prospects, and rapprochement with the EU and its values is proceeding only slowly. In addition to this, the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic are clearly revealing the fragility of these states. It is vitally important that we remain committed to promoting stability in South East Europe and hence to promoting people’s protection, safety and self-determination.

Together for Tomorrow

Under the motto of our anniversary, “Together for Tomorrow”, we are therefore calling on states, civil society, business and every individual to stand up for people’s well-being.

We can live together in peaceful coexistence only if we take responsibility for each other and act collaboratively.

Help focuses on the following key operational areas in the context of its South East Europe strategy. Environmental protection and innovation always feed into them as crosscutting issues, especially in the context of economic development.

  • Südosteuropa: Together for Tomorrow Broschüre
    Anniversary Brochure "Together for Tomorrow"This brochure will give you an insight into the success story of Help in South East Europe. We especially thank the local teams, our sponsors and supporters as well as the beneficiaries who share their stories with us. Knowing that we are all working together gives us the courage to continue. Enjoy reading! Datei öffnen

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