Kenya - Emergency aid for the starving

Help in Kenya

In 2011 12 million people were affected by the impact of the drought and still are in need of humanitarian aid.

Three years with hardly any rain had caused a severe drought resulting in a lack of water and the death of cattle. In the most affected countries Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti drinking water, food and medical aid was lacking. The situation in Somallia and Kenya was particularly dramatic: Drought, hunger and political instability had forced hundreds of thousands of Somalis to seek refuge in neighbouring Kenya.

Help supports rural communities in Kenya

Foto: Feisal Omar/Reuters
Die Menschen im Lager Dadaab in Kenia sind verzweifelt.

Help supports rural communities in the provinces Rift Valley, Central and Eastern in Kenya. In cooperation with its local partner KUMEA Help distributed urgently needed food parcels containing beans, wheat and oil for 12,000 families. In a second step projects in livelihood support have been implemented in these communities. This involved projects in the agricultural sector like goat breeding and bee keeping.

Mobile filters for clean water

Help also introduced mobile water filters, the so-called PAULs (Portable Unit for Life Saving) that were developed by the German University of Kassel. They can clean 1,200 l of water each per day, providing enough drinking water for 200 persons. Help has so far brought 20 PAULs to Kenya with the support of its Partner, the German Lions Foundation and action medeor.

Subsequent to emergency relief measures Help constructed water wells in Kenya.

The projects in Kenya are supported by the German Lions Foundation, action medeor and ZF Hilft (ZF Friedrichshafen)