South Sudan: Assistance for the new state

Help in South Sudan

South Sudan is today the youngest state in the world. After many years of civil war with the islamic North of the country and some years of a partial autonomy the Christian dominated South Sudan finally achieved its independence on 9 July 2011. Now there is a lot to do in the establishment of this new state. And Help has decided to support the country in that. 

The returnees and displaced persons from the North Sudan have to face the severest problems. In the wake of the moves to independence 150,000 people of South Sudanese origin were expulsed from the North and have now less than nothing when arriving in the South. Those people have left their home without any belongings, desparately trying to save their lifes. They are lacking shelter, food and other basic goods to survive. And they have lost their source of income.

In a first emergency project Help is taking care of  some of these displaced persons and supports them with food, shelter, hygiene articles and basic household items. Help is planning further projects in the educational sector and in agriculture.

Update December 2013: Due to communal riots in South Sudan Help evacuated its staff. Responsible staff members worry in view of the persistent situation. Projects are currently at rest.

Help's first project in South Sudan is supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.